Bread recipe typo!!


If you used the whole wheat bread recipe that I posted a little bit ago it probably was the worst bread you’ve ever made in your life. I’m so soooo sorry that I didn’t double check it after typing it out. I fixed the recipe on the post and I’ll let you know that I completely left out 2 1/2 Cups of water. That makes a big difference!!
So don’t give up on it, it really is a great recipe. :)

*And I’m still contemplating the whole Rapture thing. I’m loving that there were a few comments and would love to see some more. I’ll be reading and hopefully getting some things figured out. No matter what I will know the issue better. If I end up being pre-trib, mid-trib, post trib, or whatever, I’ll have Scripture to back up what I know and be ready to discuss it more intelligently with others. I do love a good discussion. :)


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  1. oh my word! i had called anne in a panic because my bread wasn’t rising and I did everything right! there may be a next time!

  2. I’m so glad that I hadn’t tried that one yet. :)

    Did I tell you on Sunday that I made the brown bread? It turned out wonderful, and we all loved it–except for Mackenzie.

    “Mommy, I can’t eat that because I like the real bread. The real bread is the kind that I first started eating when I was little, and I want to stick with that kind.”

    Oh yeah, she’s totally open to new things. :)

  3. I tried to make your recipe and I thought I had done something drastically wrong! There just didn’t seem to be enough moisture in it! Now I know why! Lol! MAybe I will give it another try!

    ~ Kim L.

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