Lest we forget.


This week we borrowed a book called ‘At Vimy Ridge, Canada’s Greatest World War 1 Victory’ from the library. I’m ashamed to say I had never heard of Vimy Ridge until this past year. I really don’t know very much about the wars at all. I just always knew it was horrible and I was grateful for those who gave their lives for my freedom. That’s why I wanted to bring home a few books on the subject this week as we look toward the 11th. We will be at my parents house to watch the Remembrance Day parade. We’ll all be wearing a poppy, the kids will be holding a sign, the ladies will be trying to cry quietly… and we’ll all remember.
This year will take on a bit more meaning after reading more on World War 1. My oldest immediately devoured the book. He finds it exciting to think of war and get dressed in his camo and run outside to fight battles and pretend how brave and skilled he would be at it. He has no idea. No idea.

After reading this book he became much more serious. He was reading about thousands upon thousands who lived in horrible conditions and died horrible deaths for years while fighting. Pictures, letters written by soldiers from their place on the battlefield, and graphic stories of their deaths show just how much we owe to those who have gone before and fought for those they loved, but also fought for those whom they would never meet… my children. I’m thankful.
If you want to check out Vimy Ridge for yourself:

  • Vimy Ridge
  • Here is a short video… lest we forget.


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    1. I can feel the tears welling up already. I’ll have to be slightly distracted at the parade so I don’t bawl my eyes out! I think we are coming up, see ya there :)

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