Reasons to bake your own bread.



*It tastes WAY better!!                               
*It is better for you.
*It is not hard to make and it only takes a couple minutes, don’t believe those who tell you any different.
*It is more filling.
*It makes your whole house smell cozy.
*It makes a great gift on the run.

I’m sure there are many other reasons to make your own, but these do it for me!
Here is our ( Seven gave me her recipe & I love it, so I now consider it ‘ours’) recipe just in case you don’t already have your own favourite and want an easy sneezy yummy thing to do in the next day or two. Don’t worry, if you can’t use 4 loaves up in the next day or two, it freezes really well. :)

Homemade White Bread- 4 loaves:
Dissolve 2 tsp of sugar in 1 cup warm water. Add 4 1/2 (2 packages) of yeast. Let sit for 10 minutes.
Meanwhile scald 2 Cups Milk (I like to use sour milk now).

In large bowl, put 1/4 Cup sugar, 4 tsp Salt, 1/4 Cup Shortening, 1 cup warm water. Pour Milk over these and stir until shortening melts.
Once yeast has risen for the 10 minutes stir with a fork and mix into bowl.

Add 4-5 Cups flour and stir briskly until all combined. Add another 5 cups or so, kneading to ‘perfect consistency’ (you just have to do it a time or two to know how you like it.)
Lightly oil a large bowl (or 9×13 pan is what I use), make sure dough rolls around in oil and cover bowl with damp cloth to let raise 1 hour.
Take it out of bowl and cut into 4 equal loaves. Knead each piece into a loaf shape and place in a greased bread pan. Cover pans with damp cloth again and let raise 1 hour.

Bake at 400* for 30 minutes.
Turn onto cooling rack.
Brush with butter if desired.

Let me know if you tried it. :)


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  1. so do you put all four loaves in the 9×13? never thought of that. i’ve wished many a time that i had more loaf pans, but if i could use a 9×13 instead i’d be all set.

  2. No, I don’t bake them in the 9×13. I can’t imagine them baking properly like that. I only let them raise the first time in it. It raises into a rectangle and its easy to cut them into 4 equal parts to make into the loaves.

  3. We don’t bake our own bread exclusively, but I do whip up a loaf here and there on a regular basis. Yours look so beautiful – all golden and in a row!!

  4. I used to make bread, but lately, I’ve been just making rolls. I say that like I do it every day! Ha! I’m gonna try your recipe–just not today. Believe it or not, Thursday’s are a little bit crazy around here. ;)

  5. It seriously takes 10 cups of flour for four loaves? That sounds like a lot for some reason… especially when flour is 50 bucks a bag. Not really but close.
    Do you promise that it will only take minutes?
    I don’t think I have a big enough bowl for kneading. What do you use? Do you have one of those big old green ones like Mom?
    How often do you make bread? How do you fit it into your already crazy schedule of child rearing/home schooling/farming?
    Have you ever tried whole wheat flour? I have heard it said, ‘the whiter the bread, the faster you’re dead’. In light of this, I would like to start heading in the brown direction.
    Why is it that anything good takes more work?
    Is this your longest comment everÉ What are my question marks suddenly showing up with an accented eÉ

  6. Okay Anne, here are my answers to your longest comment ever. :)
    *It seriously takes about that much. When you make it in the bread maker, it takes 3 or more cups for 1 loaf. So there.
    *I have a big stainless steel bowl, but I only use it to mix the dough until it is firm enough to knead on the counter or table.
    *I make bread a few times a week. We eat a lot of it, and give away at least one loaf a batch it seems. :)
    *It honestly only takes me 15 minutes tops to prepare the dough to rise. If you get your yeast rising, and then scald your milk, and while the milk is scalding you get the other ingredients ready, it all works like clockwork. Put it together as soon as you walk into the kitchen in the morning and you’ll have fresh baked bread by mid morning.
    *I have never tried whole wheat flour. If anyone out there has a wonderful recipe I’d love to hear it. :) But I figure that even making it with the white flour gives me a few more years than eating anything from the store.

  7. Well, I made the bread today and gave some away, and it turned out great! So thanks! But now I’m curious about the brown bread recipe cuz I don’t want to be dead yet!

  8. I gave them to Shannon.

    Brown bread is a whole different thing. We have a great recipe for that, too.

    I also have a french bread recipe, and pumpkin bread that I’m going to try today as cinnamon rolls.

    I’m not trying to take over Shannon’s blog. I just love bread.

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