Before you click on this link, forget what we know of what Ecclesiastes says. When I saw all those gorgeous gowns I didn’t care about vanity, I wanted every single one of these. I wish I could sew so beautifully and I’d just make my little girl a bunch for her own closet. Mercy me, I want one of each in my size too!! :)

I know, I know, its all vanity. But vanity sure is beautiful sometimes! :) Then again, none of it lasts forever. Some of it doesn’t even last more than a few years.

And getting back to the more important things in life, “here is a video from Voddie Baucham that is definitely worth a minute or two of your time. Mercy me, BRING IT ON!!!


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  1. Well, you keep buying up your bargain fabrics and we’ll get ourselves a couple of patterns and sew up a closet full of gowns for your lovely daughter (and yourself, too, if you like).

    And by the way, the virtuous, worth-more-than-rubies woman of Proverbs 31 was well-dressed and made sure the rest of her family was, too. I daresay it’s not necessarily the things that are vanity in themselves, but often it’s our attitude and motivation that makes them vain. As Pastor Doherty used to say, “Soap bubbles, soap bubbles, all is soap bubbles.”

  2. I’m not catching on to the soap bubbles thing…. please explain. :)

    I bet the Proverbs 31 woman could sew. I feel like the only Christian woman in the world who can’t sew. I lament about not finding clothes that fit, and everyone just says, ‘Well, why don’t you make your own?’ because every Christian woman just knows how to sew.

    Loved the Voddie video. He’s good.

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