Book Review Friday: Matthew 1-4 (Edited)


I’m sticking Mr.Linky up here really fast because I just can’t get to my review or a proper post until later.
If you already have a review, I’m sorry I’m so late, and here is Mr.Linky for y’all. I’ll get back to do BRF better hopefully before 3pm. :)

I’m back with my review way way too late. It’s a good thing you all are so forgiving. :) I’ve only got a minute before I have to go pick up hubby from work. Early day today, Woo hoo!!! :)

You probably already guessed the reading for this week. We’re going to study through Matthew chapters 5-7. We’re only doing 3 chapters, but I thought it would be a fun thing to just concentrate on the ‘Sermon on the Mount’ for a week. We’ll know it better than we ever have before.

This’ll be short & sweet. I’ve already read Kim’s review (forgetting that I shouldn’t until I’ve done my own) and I didn’t want to write mine. Hers was good, and I have nothing really to say. I’m not looking forward to any other ones that have been posted. I love reading the reviews. :)

Now for my review… I remember hearing somewhere sometime about how the time line with Jesus and his ministry was significant. I can’t remember why though. As I read I noticed that Jesus didn’t start His ministry until after he was baptized, he didn’t get baptized until he was my age, and He didn’t even call the disciples to follow Him until that time as well. :)…. wish I could remember why it matters. :(  This is the first time it mentions Jesus being tempted as well, I think. And what about the Holy Spirit descending on Him? How can God be separated from Himself in the first place??? I mean, I know Jesus was fully human… but He was fully God as well. Is it one of those things that we just won’t ever understand?  I guess I’ll have to ask hubby when I pick Him up.

I love John the Baptist. I’ve always loved his straight-forward approach to the gospel. I love people who say it like it is (the right thing in the right way of course) and John was one of those people. Love it.  Then I got to thinking, what would he have said to me? What would he have been frank about with me had he known me?  What would have been going through my head when he said, “Bring forth therefore fruits meet for repentance.” ?  I probably would have felt a little differently.

One thing is for sure, after reading about John the Baptist, no one should be concerned about making the gospel more ‘friendly’ in any way. John said it like is was and God spoke to peoples hearts, it was amazing. A guy wearing camels hair and livin in the boonies eating big grasshoppers can lead people to Christ, I’m sure we could do it. :)

I’m afraid that is as good as it got this week. I suggest that everyone check out the reviews on Mr.Linky for more exciting reviews.  So glad you ladies are out there! :)


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  1. Good thoughts Shannon. I think that we will never understand the fact that Jesus is fully man and fully God until we see Him face to face. I know my little mind can not comprehend this fact. So many things to learn:)

  2. Finally! :)
    I thought your review was very thought-provoking. I have never even thought of any of those things regarding Jesus and his ministry. I bet there’s a good sermon in there somewhere.
    I must go… it’s my turn for Dorey and Jennie now! Yay!

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