Book Review: Ecclesiates 1-6


If you are not familiar with Book Review Friday, please check out my sidebar and see what it’s all about and join in with us wherever we are at, we’d love to have you along!!

For the next week, October 4-10th, we’ll read Ecclesiates 7-12. If nothing else, doing a review on this book one or two times will help you remember the proper spelling of its name. :)

I hesitate to do a review at all this week. I found the reading rather depressing. “All is vanity!”, seemed to be the theme. While I know that life in Christ is not all pointless, reading about someone who is searching for the meaning of life can get to me a bit. Maybe its because I’ve been there and wondered what the point of doing dishes, laundry, diapers, and even church stuff, day after day after day was.
I talked with hubby about it, I told him I really didn’t know what to write for a review. I wanted to wait and write one after I’d finished the whole book and hopefully have a better ending. But after talking with said hubby here is the point I’ll make in an oh so short and sweet fashion.
* Life apart from God, no matter how wealthy, knowledgeable, good, or pleasurable it may be, really is pointless.

And now, I’d like to wait to say anymore until next week when I have studied the whole book out, right to the end.

I’ll put Mr.Linky up for all your reviews. I hereby relieve Jenn of here Book Review Friday obligations due to the birth of her daughter. :) (Congrats Jenn!!!)


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  1. I looked at my notes from the first day of Ecclesiastes and all it said was, ‘What’s the point???’
    We both needed our men on this one. I liked how Marty summed it up.
    Until next week! We’re off to vote… I don’t know why I get so nervous to vote!

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