Book Review Friday: Proverbs Edition #4


If you do not know what Book Review Friday is please check out our sidebar and jump in wherever we are at. We’d love to have you along and let us know what you think! :)

I’m sorry this is getting up late. We are still spending lots of time with our family visiting from out of province and life has been busy. :) I can tell I’m tired because I couldn’t remember what I called BRF, I was thinking ‘Post it Friday’ or something. Finally, I remembered it was ‘Book Review Friday’. Scary.

So we have finished up a month in Proverbs, and I am hoping there are some reviews to go up on your overall thoughts of this Book Review. You now have your very own notebook to refer back to, or help someone else, when you have trouble with the ‘fault’ you chose to write about. Now that you have a study started on that subject, whenever you read another book of the Bible, or paragraph from a book, or part of a sermon concerning that, you can just keep adding to your notes. Its all very exciting, at least it is to me. :)

Now that we’ve finished Proverbs, I am excited to let you in on the next book to read for the week.  Ecclesiastes 1-6 are the chapters to read everyday until next Friday. Read them whether you feel like it or not, whether you think you have time to or not. If you look at a magazine, or read a blog, or call a friend to chat, or watch the TV, you have time to read for 15 minutes. You do.

My official review will have to wait due to the late hour and lots going on. Since no one was banging on my blogging door asking where Mr.Linky was, I assume y’all are a little busy too. :) But, here is Mr.Linky for all of you who have a review to post. Its the review that can make the difference in how much you get out of your reading. Its true.


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  1. Hello everyone. I HAVE been heavily in the Word these last two weeks, but not in Proverbs. My post concerns what I have been studying, but it’s not in-step with Book Review Friday, so ignore it as appropriate.

    Blessings on the Word deposited inside each of you!

  2. I REALLY enjoy book review Friday. I REALLY want to continue participating. However, it seems that the Lord has me in a different season of reading – right now I’m reading/studying/meditating through Ezekiel and Romans. Scripture is so MARVELOUS!!

    That doesn’t leave much time for Ecclesiastes, so I’m not sure what to do ….

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