A father’s fame.


We had a great time last night. It was a ball game. My dad, otherwise known as Grampie by the chillins, got to play ball with his old team. All those guys from 30 years ago got together again, for old times sake. It was awesome to feel the thrill of the game, sit under those lights, and cheer like crazy again. It seriously has been a long time since I’ve been to one of my dad’s games. I remember them letting this little 5 year old go out and warm up with them many a year ago, I felt on top of the world. I felt on top of the world last night again too, but not because I went in to throw the ball around with my dad’s friends, I didn’t. This time, to watch the game there were a lot more cheering for dad, he had 10 grandkids there hootin’ & hollerin’ for “GRAMPIE!!!”, knowing that he was and is the all time best at baseball. The thing all those people there last night didn’t know was there is a lot more to this guy than a name in our town’s Hall of Fame.

Do any of them know that Dad is the one who spent so much time playing, tickling, bike riding, going for drives, and midnight runs to Burger King? Do any of them know about taking us to the beach pretty much every time we asked through the summer? Do they know that he gave up whatever he was doing at the time, or wanted for himself, to make life a little happier for his girls? Do they know he took us clothes shopping and spoiled us all rotten, and came to cheer us on in all of our sports endeavors? Do they know how he’s taken care of his wife? Do they know the example he’s been through all the extremely yucky times in his life?

And now that he’s a Grampie? How about all those visits with Timbits, apples & bananas, or ice cream in hand? And don’t forget having my kids over for a sleep over a couple times, cooking up a storm for them, and taking them on trips out for ice cream. Playing ‘don’t fall’ with the little babies as they grow up, and making it to all the birthday parties, and pitching for the kids backyard baseball games… It’s those sorts of things that have put him in our family’s hall of fame.

He would give you the shirt off his back, travel any distance, and give up all his rights & privileges to help us out whenever we needed it.  We all knew he was great at baseball, and we love to brag on him. But we also have a lot more to brag on, that all those people in the stands last night might not have known. :)


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  1. What a wonderful and loving praise to your dad, Shannon. Sad to say, we don’t hear too much of this kind of praise for parents in our day.

  2. are you kidding me?! after hearing about the game last night i was SO homesick. and after reading that post i am sitting here in tears, more homesick than ever. i’m printing that post off to put on the fridge. or maybe not. i’ll probably cry everytime i look at it.

    anywho, love the tribute. every word you said was true.

    and if he did in fact wear Wade’s ball cleats, i think that’s very cool.

    oh i’m homesick. goodnight.

  3. Now I’m in tears because Erin is in tears. No one should ever have to be homesick. We should all live real close.

    You said what I’ve been wanting to say ever since I started a blog. I could never figure out how to say it. I’m glad you did.

    I’d love to sit down and write about the game myself. I’m not sure I could put everything I was feeling into words. It was a very moving evening.

  4. Wow! What a wonderful tribute to your Dad! What a blessing it must be to have such a wonderful Father! Treasure those memories and enjoy the time you have with your dad! Reading this made me wish my dad was still here so I could give him a big hug, and tell him how much I love him!~ He has been gone for 8 weeks now.

    ~ Kim

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