Birthday Surprises.


Last week I got a bit older. I don’t mind. I really don’t. :)

This is the first time EVER that my husband was able to totally catch me off guard and surprise me. I was totally ready for the new camera he was wrapping up for me. I even had another great photo journaling blog ready to start up. Boy, was I wrong. I got an oh-so-cool mandolin. Yep, I said MANDOLIN. LOVE IT!!!  I’ve wanted one for about a year. I almost bought one myself last fall. I didn’t because I’ve never seen one before, I just wanted to learn to play and love that good old country sound.

Well, I opened up my present and immediately started jammin away. You can listen to me and my friends having a great time right here. Oh my, we’re soooo good! Didn’t I tell you I could sing crazy good too?!


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  1. wow, your hair grew since I saw you last. But that was some great jammin there mandolin girl! ;)

    So, did you really get a mandolin? Because I’ll be waiting for the sunday night musical special at church soon :)

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