I love aprons!


I want one of each of these. Love. Love. Love. My first most bestest favourite is ‘Blue Polka Floral Apron’. Or maybe it is ‘Leopard’…. then again, I really love ‘Pink Polka Floral’ one.

 What’s your favourite?


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  1. My favourites are the Fall Roses and Candy Cane (Candy Cane is my Christmas choice apron) They are all so pretty, it’s really hard to make a choice:)

  2. I’m surprised how reasonable these are in pricing. I’ve seen other websites advertising similar aprons for $80 or so. I think my favorite is the Chef’s Pink and Black Damask Apron … and I think I’m going to go ahead and order some time this month! Thanks for the recommendation. Maybe I’ll even post a photo on my family blog!

  3. It’s hard to choose, there are so many pretty ones! I like the chefs style apron but think the cherry print is my favourite fabric. I love aprons too :)

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