Simple things that mean a lot.


In my own life there have been some recent examples of kindness that I thought I’d pass on. I would like to be the kind of person who thinks of doing these things for other people. Maybe it will be a good reminder to you as well. :)

*Some information got mixed up about our family as news traveled through the grapevine. It wasn’t anything big, it was actually good for a laugh. :) But I thought it was very nice when I got a call this morning with a simple apology for getting the story wrong when they passed it on to someone else.

*Another phone call came my way. The lady calling said hello and immediately asked if I had time to chat for a minute.  Wow!! There have been so many times when I wished someone had given me the time & opportunity to say I was a little too busy to be on the phone. What a simple and small way to be ‘big time nice’ to a busy mom.

*I have been on the receiving end a number of times of this one, but I don’t think I’ve ever been the giver. On your way over to pop in on a friend, stop by and grab a Tim’s for them. (“Tim’s” would be the Canadian code name for coffee :)

*I also had a friend call and let me know that she had put a couple books on hold at a second hand bookshop while she was shopping. She knew I might want them and I had a whole week to get in there and check them out for myself before the store lady would put them back on the shelf. How nice is that???!

All of these examples are things that would come to mind if a person was thinking of others before themselves. I really want to be more like that.

In our schooling this year the children will be writing out their own copy of George Washington’s Rules of Civility & Decent Behavior In Company and Conversation. Maybe, surely, Oh-I-hope-so, some of these wonderful rules for life will make their way into this family. There isn’t anything like “bring your friend a Tim’s” on the list, but there are many many good little tidbits of wisdom that we all could stand to take heed to.  At least here at Watchthesky they need a little heeding! :)

If you would be interested in doing this in school with your little ones, check out Donna Young’s site right here and it’ll be easy as pie! :)


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  1. Little things DO mean a lot:) What a difference a kind thought or action does to give us a bright spot in our day. Check my site later and hopefully I will have time to share a little more about this act of kindness.

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