Book Review Friday: Practical Perfection!


Welcome back to Book Review Friday!! It does feel good to be back and know y’all are with me. :)

Practical Perfection was chosen as the title for our first week’s Bible study because we are going to dive into Proverbs. Proverbs is TOTALLY practical and part of the perfect Word of God, how can we go wrong?! You may be pleased to know that you will only be reading 1 chapter each day. Yes, ONE. Shocking, I know. But it is quality, not quantity we are looking for.

Our plan of attack for the next 28 days is to read all 31 chapters in Proverbs. You will know them better than you ever have before. Each day you will read the Proverb that goes along with the day of the month. So, tomorrow you’ll read Prov.29 (Aug.29th). On Saturday you’ll read Prov.30, Sunday you’ll read Prov.31, and so on. Got it?

Remember that weakness that I asked you to think about??? As you read through your chapter each day keep your notebook beside you and your pen in hand. Write down every single verse, word for word, that has to do with that weakness as you read along. Even if you think you already wrote a verse that says the exact same thing, write it down anyway. Do it.  Once you have read the entire chapter and written down the appropriate verses you will still need your pen. Just write a sentence or two on your thoughts about it, or a plan of attack, or what the Scripture says about what you are to do,in your own words. That’s it.

Just so you know that it doesn’t have to be anything special I’ll give you a peek inside my own binder. I love binders. :) You will notice that I wrote verses down concerning a couple of weaknesses. Who would of thought I had more than one! But starting today I’ll be sticking with one again.

No one will ever see your journal unless you show them. I’m certainly not going to ask about what you wrote, its between you and the Lord. When we meet back here next week for Book Review Friday’s Mr.Linky, you won’t have to reveal any deep personal struggles either, unless you want to of course.

Now go find Proverbs Chapter 29 and read it today. With purpose.

Until next Friday….


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