Preparation for Friday


So far we’ve got 9 (including moi) getting involved in BRF. How exciting is that!?! You do my heart good ladies. If you are reading this and haven’t made up your mind to try it out remember its never too late. Just jump in wherever we are at. There is no bad timing in reading your Bible with purpose! :)

I am a bit nervous about you all starting up with Book Review Friday again this Friday though. Nervous because I’m going to do it differently for a couple weeks right off the start. Sometimes change is good, sometimes it is really bad.  What if you think its stupid? What if you hate it? What if you think it down-right silly? You may think it a lot of things. But please bear with me and try it out.

We’re going to start in again tomorrow with pen & paper in hand. We’re going to get into the Word in a different sort of way. Its so simple you will think ‘what is the point?!’, but do it anyway. Just give it a try.

Before Friday comes I want you each to think of one thing, one character trait maybe, that you believe needs help in your life. What may be hard about that is that we can think of a million things that someone else we know should be improving, but we don’t study ourselves enough to know there is anything lacking right here at home. The whole ‘speck & beam’ issue, you know?  So, think long and hard about something… anything that could be better. Maybe you are in the pit of despair right now, maybe you are just lazy, maybe you aren’t good at relationships. Maybe its something as simple as your attitude towards the housework or that you would like to be able to think before you speak.  Just pick something and get your binder/journal/notepad ready with your Bible at your side for Friday. 

Got it? 

You just have to pick a negative thing about you or where your life is at right now and make sure you have your pen, paper, and Bible.

See you tomorrow! :)


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  1. I’m a good student and follow directions well. So lead away — even if it ends up being a little funky!! Besides, learning new ways to approach our hearts and the Scriptures means getting to discover and KNOW HIM in new ways too! That’s a good thing.

  2. Oh you want me to share my FAULTS!!!!! I am with your sister on this one. I know that this is a good thing though and usually one that I ignore until there is no choice but to face facts!!!! I too am ready to try it.

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