Passing things along.


Saying hello quickly again. I’m in the middle of making bread and the kids are cleaning up a few things and then we’ll be heading in to say hello to the family in town.

I want to let you in on a couple new sites I’ve found in recent weeks. Since life is so crazy busy its taken me a long time to pass them along. First of all I met the lady who makes things from cotton, felt, ribbons and love. She’s a cutie, I met her so I know. :) I ordered a couple little guys and they are soooo cute!! Now I want to get the horse & the hummingbird & the chicken…. pretty much all of them! :) I added her etsy address to my Favourites on my sidebar. You can also get to her blog from there and see her beautiful home and what her family is up to.

I also found out how great Granny Miller was. She knows everything, I think. :) I’ll let you know how her bread recipe turns out later. If you are interested in farm things on any level she is the one to check out. I listed her under For the farmer deep within you so you can check her out anytime you want.

Another site I came across is Oh Sew Elegant Baby. It makes me want to have another one just to have things like this. They are beautiful and not too bad for pricing I think. There are links to their stores on their sidebar at the blog address I’ve given.

And finally, I love organization. Don’t think for a minute that anyone would think that if they showed up at my doorstep though. I love to read and dream about being an organized person, but you know how it is. Since I am a work in progress with it I love sites like this.

Now I simply must go. We’ve been livin life, fixing up the house, getting tired, partying, and there is more partying to do.

Have a great weekend y’all!


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  1. Yeah – I MISS book review Friday, as well. Unfortunately for us (hee hee) you can’t live your life based on our needs!!! Just keep doing what you’ve got to and we’ll just keep adjusting accordingly!

  2. So sweet of you to give me and my little Etsy shop a mention. Thank you :)
    Baking bread with the kids sounds like great fun Granny Miller’s recipe sounds delicious! Hope it turned out well.

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