Strawberry field how-to.


If you plan on going into those fields to give your kids a chance at a 1-2 week summer job here are a few things you might want to know before you start:

* Old clothes should be worn, of course. But just so you know there is a way to get berry stains out of your clothes very easily. I’ll let you know later gaters. :)

* Pants are better than shorts. Most find it easier picking down on your knees which can make for some scratched & raw skin if you have shorts on.

* Kids really do need a hat working out in that hot sun beating down on them. They last a lot longer out there when they are protected. (Ignore the picture I posted. Thanks.)

* You will need cash on hand to pay for the boxes you pick the first day. We always visit the bank machine on our way to the field. After we’ve sold the berries we picked that day we just deposit the amount we took out back into the bank. The profits from the day are used to buy our berries the next day. Easy sneezy and no loss to us.

* Water bottles are a great help.

* If you can start gathering up old strawberry boxes from your neighbourhood before the season starts you can save money. There is usually an extra charge for the boxes. So we pay $1.25 for the berries and another 10 cents for the box. around here.

* If you don’t already have crates you’ll need something to store your berries in and protect them from squishing until you sell them. You may not want to spend too much extra on crates.

* We take a calculator, paper, & pen to do all of our money figuring on.

* Have a place in mind that would be good to sell your berries when you are done picking, and a table or something to display them on. The more traffic the better and the earlier you get out there to sell the better. People like to buy them when they were picked that morning.

* Have clear signs ready for the kids to hold for passerbys to see. So many people stop just because there are cute kids by the road waving them down. They are doubly pleased when they find out the kids actually picked the berries. (Also take extra paper & markers with you so you can drop the price on your signs if you want to.)

* The longer the berries are out the more ripe they get. Within an hour or two they can change from looking really yummy to only jam worthy if they aren’t kept out of the sun.

Just a few pointers. :)


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