Family summer job.


Summer jobs are possible for little ones. A perfect one for us as a family is strawberry picking which is what we’ve been up to all week. We drive to our friendly U-pick field and give the kids a bunch of boxes and tell them to find a row and start piling big red berries.

It isn’t hard work, but it definitely isn’t easy. You can come and go as you please. You can pick 1 box or 500 if you wish. If things don’t work out one day its okay if you don’t show up. The whole family is welcome (though I encourage you to keep your own children with you so they won’t annoy anyone else. Just speaking from experience :) 

It really is a good experience. We pick as many boxes as we can and pay the friendly farm people the U-pick price for the berries. Then, we go set up our table and re-sell them to others in town for a profit.  We keep track of how many boxes each child picks and they get the profit for those boxes. It is extra exciting when they are old enough to handle the money.

Every year we learn a little bit more about working hard, attitudes (have mercy!!!), good service, wise spending, and the value of a dollar. There is a lot to be said for time spent in a berry field. That is, there is a lot to be said as long as the time spent doesn’t look like this…
If you would like to try it yourself I’ll post a few pointers for the beginners later on. If you are an expert in the area already please send some tips to me, we’d love to know how to fine-tune things even more. :)



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  1. What a great way to spend the summer! My 17-year-old and I started to help her peers find after-school and summer jobs and we frequently tell kids and teens to start their own businesses like yours. It’s a great example of a simple way to stay busy and earn money over the summer and I appreciate you sharing it!

  2. too cute :) In a few years, I want to start this picking tradition too. I hated it when I was younger but I think it’s a great idea for teaching responsibility and the value of a dollar. C is obsessed with money lately and her grampies and uncles just keep handing her change. She saves it and looks after it well but at this point, she thinks people should just hand her money for nothing :) Hmmm, maybe she can start earning it by doing small chores…now my wheels are turning!

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