Book Review Friday: 2 Samuel 7-11


If you do not know what Book Review Friday is just check out my sidebar for all the details. We are a small group of women who would love to have you join the ranks. :)

First things first, we’ll read 2 Samuel 12-15 until next Friday. Read those chapters everyday (or more) for the next week and just see if you don’t surprise yourself on what you learn!

Well, this weeks reading brought many little details out of the whole story that I just never knew. But the major part that stuck with me was chapter 11, the part about David, Bathsheba, and Uriah. Common story with lots of lessons to apply to our own lives in so many ways.

First of all I believe that Bathsheba knew exactly what she was doing when she took that bath. From what I understand it is pretty common knowledge whether the king is home or away. People would have known that the king was home and it is also common knowledge that the king was quite the good looking man. I believe that Bathsheba wanted to be noticed, and wanted, by David. So I’d say that my first lesson is in purity, modesty, & fidelity. Important stuff. We women hold a lot of power in our actions. We need to be aware of what we are causing in the hearts of the men around us.

In looking at David and  Uriah it makes me very afraid for my boys. We live in a world with so many Bathshebas around its scary. Guys have to struggle to be pure everywhere they go. Everywhere. Hanging out with friends, on the job, those magazines in the stores, even within the church there are temptations. Life is never free of them. What scares me is that not even David was strong enough to handle it. I have always thought this (purity) to be almost impossible battle to win until this week. While reading and thinking about David’s situation and the sin there I, for the first time ever, saw hope in that man Uriah.

I’d like to talk to Uriah’s mom. How did she raise a man to be strong like that. How did she handle situations while he was a teenager. What did she say to him about such things? What kind of man was his father?  

After a long time of being away from his wife I’m sure Uriah missed her and would like to go down and say ‘hello’, but he refrained because of the principle of the thing. Couldn’t leave his men to go enjoy himself while they were out there fighting for their people & their lives. I have a feeling Uriah is a real good guy. I’d like my boys to be like him in this area for sure.

I’m being swarmed by children. They need attention. We’ve had a busy week and I’ll update y’all on it as soon as I find another few minutes while they are all quiet. But I cannot write while they hang off my shoulder. I’ve written yet another short & sweet review with a big long deep one in my brain waiting to come out, but life is crazy. I’ll read yours as soon as it is up on Mr.Linky. Looking forward to it! :)



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  1. Your reveiw was very insightful bringing memories of my family situations with Bathshebas. Usually they are not even happy when they get what they connived to get. Also I have to agree whole hearted that we women to hold an unstaggering amount of power.
    Again, thank you so much for doing this.

  2. hey, great review. Good thinking all around there :) I am reading along…I’m actually reading ahead because I tend to just keep going lately once I start. It’s all so very interesting :)

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