Book Review Friday: 2 Samuel 1-6


If you do not know about Book Review Friday yet please check it out on my sidebar and feel free to join in wherever we are reading. Even if you don’t read along with us pick up your Bible and start reading it with purpose and be encouraged that there are others out there doing the same!!!

First things first, its on to 2 Samuel 7-11 for next Friday. Each day read these chapters and then write down what you have learned. It can be something you memorized and the reason why, or a long ‘epistle’ that you are so excited to write it all down. It can be a verse that meant a lot to you or just anything. Writing it down really does make a difference!

As for my review on this weeks reading…. nothing deep.

I keep learning new parts of David & Sauls story. There is so much I didn’t know, names I’ve never heard of, facts that were completely missed in all my growing up years. One of the things I was thinking about it Davids wife Michal and how she despised him when he was so excited bringing the ark back. I wonder if she ever really wanted to be with David in the first place. I wonder if while David was away (for about 5 years wasn’t it?) and she was married to another man that she was truly happy with the guy. Can you imagine loving your wife so much but because the king wants her back you have to give her up. I can imagine that she wouldn’t have found it easy either. But that’s just me thinking. :)

I know this is a very very short, kind of totally boring review. Its busy busy here. I’m loving the reading and I hope you are too but there isn’t enough time to translate my notes from my hand written notebook into type that you will understand at this late hour. If you are reading along I really hope you are learning and enjoying the time spent in the Word!

Here is Mr.Linky for any reviews that are waiting to be put up. Sorry its so late.  :(


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  1. I tried to think of why Michal acted like she did, and I wasn’t remembering that she was taken away from a husband. But that might have made me unhappy too. :-)
    Thanks again for the time you take to do this. I love this way of studying.

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