Things I’ve learned.


We have experienced a few new things (for us anyway) here at Watchthesky in recent months. Some biggies, some not so biggies. But we learn a little, or a lot, from each one. Life lessons, you know? We’re still young but we have a bit more life experience and knowledge than we did 10 years ago when we thought we had all the answers. Now we know we don’t have them all, but we are more sure & convinced of a few answers we do have than ever before. 

God has been at work. He’s changed us in many many ways, too many ways to fit into a post. But I could let you in on 3 ways. :) So read on if you want to know a couple of the little (or big depending on how you see it) things that we’ve learned so far in no particular order.

 Lesson #1: Dogs & us do not mix. Not right now anyway. Chica was adopted into a dog loving, attention giving, even let stinky canines into every room of your house, kind of family. We gave her away. The kids cried. I was free.  Next time we feel the urge to get a dog remind us to weigh the matter out very carefully. Remind us how studped stupid we can be when it comes to things like that. Thanks.

Lesson #2: I’m partial to my cow. Cows are a good thing. I don’t even mind petting her. I don’t even mind taking her for her walk from the barn to the pasture when its my turn. And, I think she likes me too. She’s swell.

Lesson #3: You haven’t cried until the tears come from faith. Stepping out of the boat and learning to walk on the water can be a very scary thing. Learning that God is good, all the time, can be a painful teary journey. I realize that I haven’t been through what many have in this type of lesson, but I do have a taste of the bitter-sweet lessons that bring one closer to their Saviour in a way not thought possible.



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