Before I say hello to my pillow….


Its late and I need to get to bed. Big day tomorrow ya know. Fathers day.  :)

Before I hit the hay I have to send you over to Amy’s blog to watch this. Its much more fun to watch with the volume on, so make sure okay!?

I met Amy a long time ago very briefly and enjoy keeping up with her bubbly life through her blog. I do keep up with reading it and for some reason she wasn’t on my sidebar when I moved over from blogger. Well, she’s back over there in her spot now and I’ve added a few other cool links for y’all to check out as well. That Tip Junkie is awesome, and the Inspired room just makes me drool a lot. :)

Have a great Fathers Day everyone!

And don’t forget to read 2 Samuel if you are part of BRF!! :)


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  1. Whoooo-hoooo! Thanks for the shout out, Shannon! Good times! :0) Loving reading about your life, as well. I really mean it when I say you’re living my dream. Seriously. That’s the kind of life that I am from, and somehow someway we have ended up in the ghetto of Philly these past three years. God surely has a sense of humor! The first thing I’m getting when I get out – and am allowed – is a little handful of my very own chicky-doos to run around my yard. But, then my older bro says that I’ll need a dog to keep the foxes away…..and I’m kind of with you on that one. Not quite as sold on a dog…..So, I guess we shall have to see. Love your philosophy of hard work, love it ALL!

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