Frugal farmer


Oh Happy Saturday. I love Saturday. Hubby milked the cow and then we took a tour of our garden to see how it is fairing. A breakfast of fried homegrown eggs, homemade bread & cinnamon rolls. Now the kids are cleaning up the kitchen and I’m planning the rest of the day.

Our chicks were getting too big for their first home in our wood box so we had to figure something out. Our present chicken coop is not big enough to house all 48 chickens so the 24 new ones will have to have their own home. The problem is we didn’t/ couldn’t spend any money to make this happen. So hubby rooted around in the barn yesterday to see what we could make work. Here is the finished product.
I’m kind of sad about that screen that is being used as the door because I had very cool plans for it in the kitchen on the wall, or as a door on a cool cupboard. Oh well. The chicks seem to appreciate it.

How about the homemake hinges?!
And don’t those chicks look like they are enjoying a bit more space?
So a new little coop put together just down from Twink’s stall, for free. It may not look real purty but thats what frugal farming at Watchthesky looks like. :)



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  1. I think we’re going to start finding a lot more “frugal” everything posts. Money is getting tight for more and more people. You have funky hinges and homemade bread. Somehow that all seems JUST RIGHT!!

  2. I’m trying to learn to be frugal…I’m not good at it yet. A start is that I’m waiting till 4pm to get my groceries at the Superstore because they are having a tax free sale this evening only. That’s frugal, right? :)

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