Cleaning & Clutter.


I simply must get life under control. I do not do well with clutter, dirt, and piles. I am getting serious about the state of my home, and let me tell you, I AM TIRED!!!

I have been searching the Internet for housekeeping, organizing, & cleaning hints and helps. Routines, schedules, lists, and lots of good stuff like that. I just printed off some daily & weekly routine lists for us to start in on tomorrow. I have also talked with some women I know who are very good with housekeeping, asking for their help. I have received some wonderful help. There is a problem though, you have to actually do what they say or nothing will ever change. It isn’t just a cleaning day here and there, its a life style. I love it and hate it all at the same time, but I must choose it no matter what if I want my life to be sweeter. :)

You know, we’ve lived in this big house for a couple years and we’ve lived in a small 3 bedroom apartment for a couple years. I have fond memories of that apartment & I wouldn’t mind moving back into a small space again. Life is simpler, it has to be. In a small space you have no choice but to keep it neat, clean, & tidy or stuff is always underfoot. And bonus, since there is so little space it doesn’t take long to clean up. Its true.

In talking the issue over with hubby and letting him know how hard I find it to keep up with our whole house, keep track of the kids & schooling, animals, and whatever else lands on my plate, he came up with a great idea. “Why don’t you section off part of the house and we just won’t use it?”  Well mercy me! That sounds like a great idea! Within a couple of days I moved all the boys into one bedroom and am using the old bedroom as a storage area. Remember we live in a 200 year old home and they aren’t big on closet space, now I have lots of room to store those linens, window hardware, hunting/fishing/sport/camping things etc.

For the past week or so I’ve been attempting to organize  as I have said but I’ve also been purging. If I don’t love it or use it often its gone. I will be having a yardsale this weekend. How exciting does a 25 cent yardsale sound? :)

I thought I would let y’all in on a great idea I found right here at homemaking 911. A great way to declutter with lots of help from the kids!

If any of you have a routine that you love or cleaning hints that could be passed on please do. I’d love the help!!!


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  1. Julie, over at The Clearing, developed an AWESOME e-book planner. 381 glorious & inspiring pages for your very own filling-in, saving, printing, referencing, linking extravaganza! I ordered it a couple of weeks ago and am LOVING it!! You can print pages out or leave them on your computer. Coolest thing is that you can revise, personalize, update & save it, and includes every form you can imagine or want.

    She sells it on her blog
    and also at The Old School House Store

    I wrote a review about it on my blog

    So there’s my BIG helpful idea!! I don’t personally know Julie, but her product is fantastic, and so I recommend it.
    And you are COMPLETLY correct – – ALL those programs work IF you do them!! Home organization, exercise, etc. IF you do them!

  2. Cleaning hints! HAH! Not from me, but I admire you for getting things organized. We are about to be involved in a relocation and I have my work cut out for me too!

    Be blessed.


  3. Oooo, i love a yard sale! And great idea with sectioning off a room for storage! Old houses with little closet space make life difficult…I’ve been there :)

  4. I LOVE to organize, I HATE clutter, and I LOVE to throw things away…..but I also live in a small apartment and only have two children, so my advice may not be the greatest as we’re not in the same space in life. However… own personal policy is that if ever we bring something new into the house – say when we go yardsaling – if we get a new toy, one has to go; if I get something for the kitchen, something in the kitchen has to go; if I find something crafty, something crafty has to go. Get my drift? Also, wherever I am, before I leave that room, I also do something tiny to spruce it up before I leave it. Almost always. Example: if I go to the bathroom, before I leave I’ll clean the toilet really quickly, or I might wipe down the mirror, or do a quick clean of the floor with some toilet paper! :0) (Clean toilet paper, of course!) But – like I said…my place is a lot smaller and I have a lot less kiddos! :0) You rock! Having a plan is half the battle. You go girl!

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