Links for the afternoon.


Its a hot, summer kind of afternoon and I’m going to pass on a few links before I have to switch laundry. And then I will hopefully go outside and watch the kids run around and listen to #59 moo for all she’s worth. Joy. :)

We love these.

Rhubarb squares are an awesome treat that our whole family loves. Hurry up and make a couple batches of them before the rhubarb is all gone!!

I thought this was a great idea for those rainy days for kids. I just might bring out the colored pencils tomorrow since it is calling for rain. Thanks Smockity Frocks!! :)

And why not throw in a homeschooling socialization issue link. Don’t read this link if you don’t have a sense of humor as this gal will tell you when you start reading her post. :) And don’t be afraid to read past posts from Making Home, its good. Real good.

I also loved this post. It makes me want to find 100 acres somewhere and live even more simply than we can where we are at right now. I like the simple life.

 And mister man I am here to tell you!!! Listen to this little ditty from Voddie Baucham and then go ahead and listen to everything else you can find on him. He’s on to something folks. We need to wake up and see what road where on and where its leading us to.

That is enough links for now. They’ve been saved in my favourites for a month or more. Enjoy! :)




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