Book Review Friday: 1Samuel 27-31


If you do not know what Book Review Friday is please check out my sidebar and you can get all the details. Feel free to join in wherever we are at if you would like to read the Bible with purpose along with us. :)

First things first though, lets read Galatians again, just cuz we can. :) So read the whole book of Galatians every day for the next week and then report back here with something you learned, loved, or memorized, or whatever…

As for my review on the last few chapters of 1 Samuel… I am so glad I read it. There was a whole lot more to this book than was ever covered in my Sunday school classes growing up. Now I know a whole lot more about the life of David and Saul, and Samuel, and hey… even Doeg, than I have ever known before. To me, that fact alone is enough of a review. I love it that I am reading my Bible. I love that reading through the Old Testament I forget to try to apply what I’m reading, I get caught up in the story and find out at the end of the week that I really did learn some great spiritual lessons after all, without realizing it.

I don’t understand some of the how’s or why’s in the story. I’m confused about David joining up with the Philistines. Did God want him to leave Saul and deceive Achish? Was that the plan all along? And did God really want him to go out slaughtering people every day? Or did David do his own thing and God worked it out in the end?  I am glad that no matter what the answer to that that God is always in control and will use us, boo-boo’s and all, to bring about His will.

Saul again showed his lack of faith in God. He took things into his own hands to the point of turning to the devil for help when God wasn’t working for Him anymore. I can say that was scary, but think about it folks. How about all of us? When we are in a pinch, scared, or threatened where do we turn? Is our first thought prayer and Bible study? Or do we start trying to work things out on our own and acknowledge God when it is convenient? I may not turn to a witch for help, but if it is not my automatic reflex to turn to God at all times then I’m turning away from Him to something else. That’s scary too.

When David came back home and everything was gone, including his family, he asked the Lord what he should do. I wouldn’t have given it a second thought, I would have been on my way to save them in a milisecond. David stays calm and asks God what he is supposed to do, what God wants done right then. That takes trust. That means David really did believe His God was as big as He is and that there was something much bigger at work than what he could see or understand. Yes, David is human and messes up from time to time, but he’s still pretty cool in my book! :)

I could also say something about those valiant men who arose and traveled all night to save the bodies of Saul and his sons to give them a proper burial. Those guys must have been pretty cool, the kind movies are made of. Oh, the Bible is full of heroes and someday I’ll get to meet these guys. Very cool indeed. :)

Well, that is it for my late review. I forgot it was Friday. It’s been so busy with cow fencing & groceries being purchased and then the family wants to eat. Weird. I’ll let you know really soon how the new pasture turns out for #59, but for now here is Mr.Linky for all those reviews that will be pouring in.


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  1. Hey Ladies ~
    I created a new blog where I can write about the deeper issues of my soul’s struggles and celebrations. I’ll post all of my Book Review Fridays there as well as other online studies I’m doing. Thanks for another great week!

  2. Great review Shannon and I am so impressed at the way you find the time with so many responsibilities to write a review. Sorry no review from me again, but I must say I have enjoyed reading 1 Samuelagain. Lots of lessons to learn and a great example to follow in David. It will be great one day to meet our heros face to face. I am looking forward to that day. Thank you again for your faithfulness on BRF you also are an encouragement and example to me.

  3. Hey Barb! You always say nice things. :) It is an encouragement to me to know there are other ladies out there that are excited about reading their Bibles. I am in the process of working out the kinks of how to get my ‘so many responsibilities’ taken care of properly. A work in progress.
    Thanks for saying hello even when you don’t have time to write a review!! :)

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