Book Review Friday: 1Samuel 21-26 (Edited to add review)


If you do not know anything about Book Review Friday please check out my sidebar. You’ll get all the details there and find out what book (or chapters) we are reading this week. Join in wherever we are and be excited that you’ll start getting to know the Word of God in a new way!

First things first, we’ll read 1 Samuel 27-31 for this week

I do not like having to do this but my own review will have to wait until this evening yet again. It was my turn to do the barn chores this morning, we have outside things happening this afternoon, and we have a few things to get ready to send to family. Busy busy.

I’m back to write a few of my thoughts down about our weeks reading. Nothing huge came to mind really. I loved reading the story myself instead of just knowing snippets of facts from a Sunday school lesson here and there as I was growing up. Reading it all together is a much better way to grasp what was going on, time frames and all that stuff. :)

I thought I’d give a couple things I learned or noticed in a few of the lives mentioned in the stories for this review. 

Saul: He really was insane. Right from the time he entered the story he was all about himself. Totally self-absorbed. What I noticed was that while he was trying to track David down to kill him he is expecting God to be on his side. My, we can be deceived by ourselves. I can think I’m on the right track and think I’m living for the Lord, when really I am working against Him.

Doeg: I wouldn’t have thought much about him but Tami left a comment yesterday about him. I read the chapters again this morning and noticed him for the first time.  Thanks Tami. :) He was a real peach wasn’t he!? One thing for sure is I would never name one of my little boys Doeg.

David: I really don’t get why he lied when he got to Nob and was talking to Ahimelech. He was so dependant and trusting at other times. Maybe it just shows he was human. He messed up and got scared too. I love how strong David was in spite of all that was happening to him at all other times though. He probably thought many times about how simple life was just caring for his father’s sheep out in his father’s fields way back when. Life changed a lot when Samuel came by for his visit that day and anointed him. Now he was living life as a fugitive and he had the chance a couple times to rid himself of his enemy. He could have killed Saul and not had to sleep with one eye open again, but he restrained himself and entrusted Sauls life to God. It would have taken a leap of faith over the Grand Canyon of life to keep leaving the situation in God’s hands. God is good and I’m so glad that there are models like David for us to follow in the icky times.

Nabal: Idiot. He was all about himself too. Consumed with his own things and keeping them for himself he failed to see what an asset it would have been to befriend a guy like David.

Abigail: I’m impressed. Nabals wife. She probably wasn’t the only wife a rich guy like Nabal had, but she was the only one that covered for him. Talk about a good wife! She knew all of Nabals faults and that he didn’t deserve any good fortune to come to him after the way he acted. She humbled herself and asked forgiveness on behalf of her husband instead of packing up her five maidens and running away to be free of him once and for all. She could have left him to be attacked and killed and protected herself. I don’t think I would have put myself in harms way to protect my lazy good for nothing husband from what he totally deserved. She is one of my heroes now. Thank you Abigail for living a hard life  and making hard choices to show people like us it is possible to give glory to God in the hard times as well.

That is all I’ll say for now. I am really looking forward to finishing off 1 Samuel this week.
Please link your own review whether it be short & sweet or long and deep, here at Mr.Linky. Keep reading!!!



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  1. This is my first week reading along with you. I just wanted to say that I LOVED sitting in the passage all week long. Each evening there were new things to research, meditate over, reference, etc. The “highlight” of my KNOWING God through Scripture this week came as I spent time asking Him about Doeg. I was SO expecting to find later references in the Bible of his dying an excruciating and humiliating death . . . but, alas, nothing. (Did anyone else find Psalm 52 – “A maskil of David” about Doeg?) Eventually, the Lord comforted me with His mystery. and realigned me – AGAIN – into His peace.

  2. I’m totally off the bandwagon with 1 Samuel…oops. But I have been rading Malachi. we should do that one or maybe I’ll just randomly write a review on it myself. We haven’t already done that book, have we?

    I liked your review even though I didn’t read the assignment. I can tell just by what you wrote that I would have had a different perspective of Abigail. Maybe I should actually read it… :)

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