I’m on the journey… haven’t arrived yet.


When I started letting you all in on why I loved to be home I was not out to dissect the church, its programs, its leadership or anything else. All of that is the guys responsibility, they are the ones to answer God for how they handled it all. That is not where the issue starts for us women. It starts in the home, in our everyday way of living our lives before God. We can’t and shouldn’t walk into our church this Sunday and start pointing out all the things we may be doing wrong. There are many things that we are doing right. All I can do is see where God is convicting me, which I find very exciting and also a bit scary, and set to work in my own life to get it on track with His will.

I am a fallen woman with a lot to change. God has been working in my heart to bring me to the place where I see so much mess in my life that needs to be cleaned up it seems nigh unto impossible to actually succeed. In every area that I have mentioned in this little ‘woman’s roar’ series I have had tremendous guilt on my heart. While it can be very depressing to examine my life and see so much wrong that needs to change I really am thrilled with all my husband and I are learning about God’s plan for the family no matter how different the ideas seem at first, or how unpleasant they may be to others.

As women it is not our job or place to sit back and critique the church. But, we should be critiquing our own lives and looking at how we measure up to God’s perfect plan for us. To say that I have found myself sorely lacking would be an understatement. I understand that following God’s perfect plan calls for a change of heart that will then change my home. When we give ourselves to our given roles at home the way God wants it the church takes care of itself. The men are freed to be in their rightful place and they have their women praying for, encouraging, and being a tremendous help to them.

I’m not saying that this is they way I am. I am saying this is the way I want to be. The only way I know how to improve the situation is to read and study the Word of God, pray much, and be willing to make changes as God makes things clear to me.

God is good, all the time. He has been faithful to me when I have turned from Him. He has saved me from myself and the consequences of my sin. With these new lessons that we here at Watchthesky are learning from our Lord, we feel we have no choice but to implement the changes and pray the Lord uses us for His glory. When I am convicted of the life I am living how could I choose to do anything else but change? I was walking down the wrong road, or maybe I was walking down the right road backwards :), whatever the case may be I am now attempting to get back on track and letting you all in on the journey.

I’m not out to boycott our churches or programs. I’m not out to be a catalyst for some big weird revolution. I am out here excited about this supposedly radical way of thinking. I am excited to simplify and get back to the way God planned. I am excited to someday be the woman God has called me to be.


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  1. Hello! I found your site through a mutual friend’s site – Tami. My heart resonated with your words. Yes, I feel as if the Lord has me in the midst of a fire (yet I will not be burned) cleaning up the junk in my thoughts (judging others) and heart. My current journey seems to be leading me toward learning to love my family more deeply yet in my human frailty I find it so hard to love well so I am drawn to the Lord for His love to flow through me. Thank you for your post.

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