Book Review Friday: 1 Samuel 17-20


If you’ve never heard of Book Review Friday please check out my sidebar for the details and join in. Whether you ever write a review to post online or not this method will change the way you see your Bible. Honest.

First things first, we’ll read 1 Samuel 21-26 until next Friday. Keep reading ladies, there is so much to learn and we need to give the Lord some more ammunition to work on our hearts!

As I read 1 Samuel 17 I was really confused. In Chapter 16 Saul had David brought to him to play the harp and calm his troubled spirit. He was told in verse18 that there was this guy, a “son of Jesse the Bethlehemite, who is skillful in playing….”  Saul thought he was great and employed David to play for him. Then in chapter 17 David comes into the camp and creates a bit of a stir, kills Goliath, and the Philistines are run out of town. Saul brings David to him and asks him who he is. What’s up with that?

Anyway, I love this part of 1 Samuel. LOVE IT!! Whenever I come to the place where David tells Goliath that ” I come to you in the name of the Lord of hosts, the God of the armies of Israel, whom you have defied. This day the Lord will deliver you into my hand… that all the earth may know that there is a God in Israel.”  And then David RUNS to meet Goliath. BRING IT ON!!! And God delivers the whole shootin match because of David’s awesome faith.  Somebody give me a stone, somebody give me a sling!

I’m sure that David was a trifle nervous at the thought of going against this war heroe. He didn’t know that the Lord was going to spare him out of all of it. Maybe God’s plan was for him to die in this. But what he did know was that there was a whole army directly across from the Israelites that blatantly mocked the Lord and his followers, and something had to be done about it. I can also imagine the shame all those men behind David felt watching this young good looking kid run out to do what they were all too scared to do.

One thing I have realized through this story is that we don’t just wake up one day ready to take on a huge giant. There are problems of many different sizes. Each time we conquer one we are a little more prepared to handle the next bigger one down the road. David had met giants before. He met up with a giant of a bear and a lion, and God gave him the strength to bring them down. Because of his previous experience with these things he had enough courage & faith to draw on to run to meet the next bigger giant head-on. It is comforting to know that God is always working in our lives and preparing us for a life lived for Him. All those little/big hard things that we go through he uses to make us able to do bigger and scarier things later. Only those scarier things aren’t as scary anymore because of what you’ve handled in the past. Know what I mean?

That is all I have time to post. Even this little bit of review has taken me about 39 minutes to write. Little people constantly jumping up on my lap, husbands with questions, someone getting hurt, saying goodbye to hubby as he leaves for town… Its hard to find time to concentrate. :)

I hope that you are able to write a review, short & sweet or long & deep. Here is Mr.Linky if you have any thoughts to share.



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  1. Yes Erin, that paragraph could be very misleading, eh?! For the record I only have ONE husband, no issues here.

  2. I really enjoyed your review. I also have pondered that statement of Sauls about who David was seeing as he had already met him!!! I thank God that He knows everything and is always in control. Whether we like it or not His purpose will always be accomplished even if His will is not.

  3. Just found you . . . not even sure how. You know, one link leads to another . . . .

    I’m accepting your gracious invitation and jumping in on your Book Review Friday, because – of course – I think it’s a GREAT idea! Digging deep and going slow is most definitely my preference, but – I’m cringing as I type this – having that “Read Through The Bible” badge . . . oh, never mind!!

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