Down on the farm.


You can relax, I know now that YOU didn’t take my camera. I found it. In my other purse. Thanks. Without my camera I feel like I’m missing a limb. Seriously. But all is well again. :)

Now that I have my nice little 512MB card back I can let you in on what our new news was last week. Better late than never, right?!  Here is #59’s first taste of freedom.

Twink had never been an outside cow up until last Friday. The farmers that we bought her from just never bothered letting their cows out. We didn’t have enough fence in place to let her roam here at Watchthesky, until Friday. Hubby dug many a post hole and made a new gate. He’s smart that way.

Who needs TV!

And we also brought home our new chicks. 24 to be exact.

This guy in the last picture (my youngest) will tell you very matter-of-factly that “when the new chicks start laying eggs we’ll hold the old ones by the feet and then go WHACK!! to chop off their heads with an axe”.  Ahhhh, life on a farm. :)




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  1. Dang, those cute little chicks certainly do turn into strange looking chickens :) I want to snuggle the chicks…but not the chickens.

    I’m glad twink has some freedom. She looks skinny, maybe the grass will help fatten her up :) Not that she is supposed to be fat, I don’t really know.

  2. Yeah Jenn, We (I) have been concerned that she’s underweight. Jersey’s are boney anyway, but I’m thinking she’s too boney. Anybody have a clue about if she looks okay or not??????
    Maybe she’s anorexic.

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