Oh so creative flowers.


I had planned on letting you in on what’s new at watchthesky by blogging with pictures this evening. I can’t find my camera. That is a very bad thing. I’ve checked and re-checked every surface in my house wondering if I’m being blind. Then I have this funny feeling that it could have been left outside, or in the barn, or in the van…. Do YOU have it???!

Since I can’t do what I planned I’ll just go back to plan b. I’ll brag on the flowers I made for our AWANA closing this year. Everything I make uses either duct tape, staples, or a glue gun. :)
Those big honkin’ flowers turned out pretty good. You can get one flower out of a piece of bristol board and have it made in about 5 minutes. Maybe you could only do it that fast if you’re super creative like myself, in which case it might take you 10 minutes (my sister is rolling her eyes big time at that statement).

Although AWANA was all through for the year there was going to be a big baby shower the week after, so we left the flowers on their frames and set them up to make the big huge awkward space for the treats look much more inviting. Cute eh?!
I figure it would be a cute, cheap, easy way to decorate for a girl’s birthday, or any other kind of shower or party, bbq, or whatever. Fun fun.

Side note:Never discuss with your husband all your character traits for a silly personality quiz online at a late hour after a busy tiring day. When he tells you that he doesn’t think that the word ‘creative’ really describes you, you just might get a little defensive. Just a little.


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  1. well I thought the decorations were fantastic, and much more creative then what I could ever do. That word does not describe me at all.

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