On the lighter side.


I thought it was time for me to chillax and write a fun post. Yep, just chillax. :)

You should jump on over to The Homeplace and check out some recipes. Some really cool people got together to start a blog for their favourite recipes and I just think they are the greatest! But be warned that the site isn’t finished up yet, Seven has been working away at it bit by bit to organize and make it look purty. :)

When my daughter is old enough to be involved in such things I would love it to happen like this.  What can I say, I’m a Pride & Prejudice fan. Big time. :)

I just read Ruth’s post on Mother’s Day. It made me laugh. It’s short and worth the extra energy it takes to click on the link. :)

I want to take the kids & camera out and try some shots like this. How fun is that!?

That’s all the time I have for this ‘lighter’ post. Enjoy all the links. :) :) :)


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