Post #5 coming soon :)


We’ve had a great discussion through this topic. Its a biggy. At least I believe it is.  I’ve written out much of post #5 and wanted to get it out there for y’all before the night was through, but its not going to happen. Maybe tomorrow evening it will be ready for me to hit ‘Publish’. I also think there will have to be a post #6. I just can’t cover all that I’ve been reading & learning in just one more post. So much to read and consider as you all know. But I would like to say right off the start, before #5 comes out and you start debating on a subject you have to ask yourself why you are involved in the conversation at all. When all is said and done and you find that Scripture really does say a certain thing, are you going to make the changes that are necessary to follow God’s plan? Are you going to surrender to the truth you find no matter what it is?  Or are you constantly looking for a Scripture that you can back up the comfortable traditions & lessons you have been indoctrinated with all your life. Status quo is good if you don’t care about growth in Christ. Are you looking for truth or are you on the defense? Are you going to change according to what you learn?  If no, then don’t bother. Just being honest (as usual).


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  1. You are so right again Shannon! All of this comes down to What are you going to do with what the Bible tells you??? Are we just going to look the other way, and say, “Oh. That doesn’t apply to me.” We are responsible for what we see and hear. Andrew said something to that effect yesterday. I have been listening to a lot of messages lately on the family ~ rearing children, being a good wife/mother, the parents’ responsibility in regards to their children, and all I can say is that I am slowly picking myself up off of the floor! Andrew told me that all of this is good, but if I don’t put into practice what I have heard, then what is the whole point of listening to (and reading) these things!

    If we are not willing to do what the Lord tells us, then why even bother!

    I am anxiously awaiting Post #5 as well! Just hit the “publish” button! Please!

    Kim L.

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