1 Samuel 7-12


My review will certainly be brief. Its been a busy but good weekend so far. We are tired, but happy.
I will just share a thought or two that I had while reading this week in 1 Samuel. The very first time through I got a little depressed when I got to the part about Samuel’s sons not walking in his ways. I asked hubby if there was anywhere, ANYWHERE!!!, in the Bible where a prophet or priest ended up with God fearing children. There were a couple, but only a couple. And maybe I’m not even correct on these, but I believe Aaron had a son or two that were killed for their strange fire but he also had a son or two that were okay. Also Noah’s sons?? Did they continue on to follow in the father’s footsteps and live godly lives?
I just realized that although these guys (Eli, Samuel, those Judges in the book of Judges) were men of God and shared God’s Word with the people and lived very spiritual lives, they still lost the battle at home. Their families obviously suffered. I took from this that we can never be too careful to tend our own ministry at home first before getting caught up in the ‘showy-er’ ministries. Also the importance of the father and their responsibility in raising their children first, not the congregation.

The verses I loved were at the end of the reading. Chapter 12:20b & 21, “yet do not turn aside from following the Lord, but serve the Lord with all your heart. And do not turn aside; for then you would go after empty things which cannot profit or deliver for they are nothing.” And then vs.24 “Only fear the Lord, and serve Him in truth with all your heart; for consider what great things He has ddone for you.”
I love how it said to serve Him in truth. Not sincerity, Truth. It matters to God whether we do it right or not. We do nothing if we serve Him our way with all our heart. It matters if we follow right down to the letter exactly what He wants for us. And of course the Truth would be what we are studying, the Bible. Its all there for us to read and then God gives understanding, and then we are to apply it.

I also love in chapter 10 where it said that God gave Saul another heart. I’ve been given another heart before. It’s a wonderful thing. I just want it to stick when He gives it, because I know from experience that I can give that heart back again. I want God to work and accomplish so much in my life. If I don’t serve Him in Truth or else we are striving for empty things, nothing. Just like the verse says, there is no profit to anything outside of God’s straight & narrow path.

That is probably very choppy and indecisive, but its all I have right now. I really am loving 1 Samuel and I hope you all are too. Please keep reading!!  :) 


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  1. Just wanted you to know that I’m reading along in 1 Samuel. Hopefully I’ll get caught up with a two-in-one review soon. Before I need to write a three-in-one.

  2. Great review. I haven’t been reading along 1 Samuel, but I obviously sure need to be! It’s been a rough last month or so here and Mommy needs an adjustment. I shall try my hardest to catch up to everybody and get back to some more in-depth reading. P.S. , I am almost 37 weeks pregnant. Can you believe it?!!

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