Let the women roar…God’s way.


And so, on to post #4.  Woo hoo, let’s roll!!

One thing that everyone seems to be forgetting in all this discussion is this: We women are not holding everything together, God can handle it. In fact he can do it perfectly His way if we’ll let Him. Who are we to say that if all the women stopped what they were doing in the church that it would fall apart? Maybe, just maybe, God would be freed up to start a revival and we would all be shocked out of our socks at how we (oh so spiritual women) had been quenching the Holy Spirit. Maybe, just maybe, all of us would find an unmistakable joyful difference in our own hearts and homes by being there to center all we do around those we should be loving most. Maybe, just maybe.

And to clarify my statement “Let the women be home, loving their families and homes 24 hours a day with no outside commitments or distractions.” Notice I said loving their homes and families 24 hours a day, not being in their homes 24 hours a day.  Big difference. More to come on that later in the post. :)

Women are always drawn to the Proverbs 31 woman. She is the ideal. She’s awesome.  The one thing we need to remember about the woman described in this chapter is that she wasn’t just busy doing a million things and still making it work. Every single thing she did was to benefit her home and family.I don’t think being a Sunday school teacher or leading chorus’ at church, or whatever, would fall under that category. The one thing she did that was outside of her home was to help those in need.

She worked for and sought the things that her family needed, provided food for nourishment, clothed them and even made the clothing herself. She wisely used the land and money put in her charge by her husband. She was frugal and found ways to use her saved money to benefit her husband more financially. She worked well into the night making sure she did a good job and was excelling. She even took note of others in need and did what she could to help. She prepared ahead to take care of her family. She made things in the home and sold them to further help her husbands estate. She did it all folks. She really is awesome! Even though she must of been crazy busy and tired a lot of days she still was kind and used her tongue wisely. Amazing! But I don’t see any evidence anywhere that she was involved in anything other than her motherly & wifely duties.

Here is the thing that struck me, her husband was known in the gates, not her. She was working in the background being busy making him look good. She was going morning, noon, and night doing everything she could to further her home & family. I’m thinking that if she ever had a moment to answer a call about heading up something at church she would have rolled her eyes at the thought of ever having time to commit. She had bigger and better things to worry about, let the hubby take care of that stuff. She has children to raise, a home to care for, and a life to supply everyone’s needs for.

That is the kind of life a woman needs strength for. It also brings honor & rejoicing ‘in time to come.” It’s the good life, and I’m afraid most of us women are missing out.

Titus also has a pretty clear cut description of a woman’s role. Chapter 2 tells us (in a nutshell) to behave ourselves and teach the young moms to love their families and homes, and be obedient to their husbands. That’s just the way it is. The men were given the notes on how to run the church in the previous chapter.

Families are so important, its where everything starts. Mom is home with the children all the time teaching them, training them, loving those kids to the Lord. The plan is to bring up another generation that will be faithful followers of Christ. We work at being that helpmeet that our husbands need, praying for him as the leader of the home. When we lose our focus as moms and wives the family loses spiritual ground and Satan has won many battles through women getting busy with other things.

God doesn’t need programs to further His kingdom. God doesn’t need Sunday school to further His kingdom. God doesn’t need Awana either. He also doesn’t need a woman taking charge in the office, home, or church to further His kingdom. But He would do great things in our families if we women would take a look at Scripture and see it for what it is. He could do amazing things if we just stayed home and had a passion for what He created us for.



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  1. I’ve been thinking about this stuff all evening and this gave a lot more clarification. Keep ’em comin’.

  2. Ok, I get it, God CAN do anything :) Who the heck am I?

    The problem is for me to get out of God’s way and out of my own way sometimes. I’m learning, but I’ve got along way to go :)

    Thanks for this series. I thought ALOT…and still am.

  3. I keep thinking about what you are saying. I can see your point, but…
    What about God giving EVERY christian spiritual gifts to use in the church. If we draw back and don’t use them, then we are disobeying God. Right? I don’t know.

  4. Yeah, I wondered about that too Kinza when I was reading Ephesians last night. But maybe we can use them in different ways. I mean, look at the ministry Shannon has here. She can write and tell us what she is learning from God and making us all think a little bit harder. And other ladies encouraging other ladies and moms, that’s a huge ministry for some and very important. I don’t know, I don’t have all the answers for sure but that’s what popped into my head :)

  5. Just in the church building, though? We can use our gifts with the church people though, right? :)

    Smiley faces all around…I really don’t want to be disagreeable but I want to get to the bottom of this :) :) :)

  6. You gals are having some great thoughts. Its awesome and so exciting to be thinking and getting to the bottom of it. There is a post #5, just so ya know, coming soon to a blog near you. :) I even have a title for it, “What’s a girl to do?”
    Thanks to all the ladies getting involved and asking questions and discussing. Its good, really good. :)

  7. I think we should have a women’s bible study sometime. I always enjoyed going to my mothers :) Discussion makes you think ( hard in my case), and is a good thing.
    ‘Course it would have to be at house … lol

  8. Well Kinza, we kind of have the Bible study thing going on already with Book Review Friday (not that you couldn’t have one of your own. I just mean you are welcome to join in BRF). None of us have to leave our homes and those who participate have learned much and been encouraged. :)

  9. Hi. I enjoy reading your posts but I’m a little stuck on your blog series that you have started. Why are we busying oureslves with worrying about which gender/age group runs which programs at church when our main concern and goal should be reaching the unsaved and bringing them to church. That should be our mission.
    If a mom with young children feels called by God to run a Sunday School class, who are we to judge that calling and say it is all in her head and that is not what God really wants?
    I am just not sure I agree with everything you are saying but am interested to keep reading what you think.

  10. Hi Shannon! I have been reading your wonderful posts, but have not commented before. I agree with what you are saying! The Lord has really been dealing with me lately about my role as a wife and a mother, and I find myself sadly lacking in both departments! Your “series” has brought up some good points, and has given me many things to think about! I know I have said it in the past, but your blog has truly been a blessing to me! God has given you such wisdom, and I for one enjoy reading what you have to say (even though you tend to step on my toes quite often! LOL!) Andrew tells me, “you need to get to know that woman! She really knows what she is talking about!” LOL!

    So thank you for sharing what is on your heart, and thank you for not worrying what others may think. Continue doing what you are doing, and I know the Lord will continue to bless you, and us through your words!

    Kim L.

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