Still thinking.


I’m still thinking about the last two posts. And since there were a whopping 2 comments I feel compelled to continue on with these thoughts. :)

Reading in Titus there is no mistaking our place as women. There is also no mistaking the place of a man. Right there is Titus chapter one the qualifications for those leading in the church make it clear that it is to be the men. The guys have a very tall order here, and I’m glad I’m not one to be honest. The men are the ones who hold responsibility for where the church is at whether they take charge of it or not. Read Titus and tell me I’m wrong. I dare ya.

From scripture we see that the husband is the leader within the home & church both physically & spiritually whether they actually do it or not. Just because they don’t act on the fact that they are leading doesn’t change the order God set. Men are supposed to lead, and women are supposed to get out of the way or it will never happen. How are we to know what our man would do if we never leave it up to him and God?

As for ministries within our church suffering if all of a sudden the women left there positions, I don’t see much of a problem. What ministry is there when its not being done as God wanted?  Yes, maybe a bunch of programs would come to an end, but that doesn’t mean that ministry would stop. Think about it. Just because there is a program at church that is run very well & efficiently, with lots of people/ children attending, and even if there is scripture thrown in a bunch of places, that does not mean that it is a ministry. That’s just a well run program. Just being honest. Look at your church, what lasting spiritual growth & impact do all the programs have within the community. Are there people getting saved? Are there people REALLY getting saved? (see my ‘Smokin’ sidebar with the shocking youth message!!!) I see a full church, lots of talking & laughing on Sunday, lots of programs, but I believe we’ve all set up shop just like our pastor said last week. We get involved and busy with life, think we’re being spiritual but we’re totally on the wrong track.

Revival could start with the simple (but very hard to do) act of women getting to, and staying in, their rightful place. Wouldn’t it be an awesome thing to see the church flourish God’s way and see things actually start to happen for the glory of God?!! I believe it could be that way if the men had the support they needed to start being men. Let the men start leading the music. Let the men run the Awana programs. Let them teach Sunday school classes with their wives as helpers. Or better yet let Sunday school go and we can all stay together as a family without crying little kids being dragged to their classes to learn that church is a place we separate, not worship & learn together as a family. Let the women be home, loving their families and homes 24 hours a day with no outside commitments or distractions. You may think I’m being a little too radical, but show me from Scripture anywhere you can argue with me. I double dare ya.

So, you may think that all those ‘ministries’ would suffer if the women quit. You may think that your children’s spiritual growth would suffer in your own home if you left the leading to your husband that isn’t interested or concerned with such things,or seems too busy. You know what, I bet they would suffer. I’m okay with that and I think God is okay with that. We would be getting back to what the home & church was meant to be and allowing Him to start working in lives for lasting, awesome change. Not a building with some programs that are well run, but a place where we serve God with all our hearts at home and in the pew. Our homes & churches being a place where we obey the Word of God no matter what it says and how different from our culture it becomes. If the time came where the men were led by the Spirit to start a program, we wives would be available to help them in whatever way they needed.  And even if we give it all up and nothing happens, our man never does anything to live as God wanted them to, we have still done our part by obeying God in what he asked us to do.

Women can really change the world, I just think we’re trying to do it in the wrong way.


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  2. I would have to say that the Proverbs 31 woman is not someone who stayed home 24 hours a day. Apparently she was a shrewd (not shrewish :) ) business woman. She bought, sold, worked with the poor and needy, yet maintained a balanced life at home. The important point would be that she didn’t sacrifice home, to do these other things. I think there is a balance that can be had, and that it is not meant for us to never leave our house to do other acts of service. In my opinion, those acts or service need to be chosen wisely and sparingly.

  3. I just read through Proverbs 31 again and I can see what Lori means. It’s something to investigate. I guess we have to remember that priorities are different depending on the age of our children, etc. It would be hard obey the Bible’s commands to train up our children in the way they should go if we aren’t the ones home training them. It would be hard for us to be a helpmeet and delight to our husbands if we weren’t there to delight in. Maybe that’s why some wayward men delight in someone or something other than their wives. It’s definitely a lot to think about. The fact of the matter is: what we are doing now IS NOT WORKING. 80% of professing Christian children will ‘leave the faith’ by the end of their first year of college. Christian divorce is equal to or more prevalent than with non-Christians. Less and less people are getting saved, churches are no longer teaching the Bible, people are no longer living by the Bible, homosexuality and adultery are rampant in many of today’s ‘Christian’ circles. We are obviously not doing what we are supposed to be doing and I agree that its time we all go back to the Bible, and only the Bible, and do what it tells us to do. We don’t need to be pressured by friends, family or even our church if it doesn’t line up with scripture. Oh the freedom of obedience!

  4. Good topic for dicussion eh ladies? :)
    Lori & Anniepannie are bringing up the ‘nails’ that I am planning to hit on the head for post #4 in what has turned into a little mini series. Proverbs, Titus, as well as Ephesians are all going through my mind these days. I know its a hot button issue with many ladies and I’m really looking forward to my next post. :) And, what better time to hash these things out than the week before Mother’s Day!

  5. I’ve been thinking about this all day. I really have. I didn’t want to comment until I had something intelligent to say. I still don’t but I’m commenting anyway :) I think Lori is on to something. As much as I agree with the post, there was something that was just bothering me. At first I just thought that it was me being a control freak and not wanting to abandon any important ministry while still holding my family as priority. There is no question for me that I should be home more and doing outside stuff less. But I don’t know if I feel that doing nothing outside the home is the answer either. I started to think about AWANA. Most of you who know me know I’m a huge fan. I think it’s the most important tool in getting some unchurched children reading scripture and hearing the Gospel. At this moment, if every lady with or without a family dropped out, the program would be a no-go. Would the men fill the roles? Would the children go elsewhere to AWANA if the men didn’t fill in? Some may but most wouldn’t. Anyway, that’s what I was thinking about. I might be back later once I get a chance to read up a little more.

    I like this discussion though, I’ve never thought ALL DAY LONG about a post before :)

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