I’ve been thinking.


Yesterday I wrote a bit about just wanting to stay at home and take care of the ministry God has given to me, my family. I also wrote about the older folks taking on outside ministry instead of leaving it to the young people. I still feel that way. Young women with families to care for cannot afford to be distracted by anything else. There is a future generation at stake.

It all started way back when. In the very beginning God created man and then created woman, a helper for the man. Our society has gotten so far removed from the order God set, and that is why women like me feel guilty if we are not involved in outside ministry. My understanding is that God sent men out to work and conquer and make disciples etc. He made woman to support her man while he did this.  I’m thinking that if all of us women are out there being involved in outside ministry it totally takes away from all that our men could be doing.

One problem in this kind of distracted busyness is that we have our own commitments. Our husbands have to work around our schedules along with their own. Instead of being home and taking care of the homefront so that they are able to do what they need and want to do, we are comparing calendars to see how an agreement can be reached. It really is holding them back.

Second, we are doing much of the spiritual work and leadership within the church. And the men will let us. Women always seem to be the first ones to fill in where there are needs and the men have become used to everything being taken care of this way. They actually start thinking its women’s work.

Older folks just get used to leaving the work up to the younger, frazzled ones. They start thinking that when they hit 60 ministry is over and they’ve already done their part. They also believe its the young ones that have the energy and ideas to make things happen. This is just not true.

I realize that many people would tell me I’m dreaming. We live in the real world after all. The world isn’t going to change just because somebody thinks a womans place is home and mans place is working & ministry. And what does it matter that older people are supposed to have passion and excitement in ministry as it changes dimensions even after the kids are gone. That may be the way God wanted it, but that isn’t the way it is these days.  Well folks, my own little world can change, and that’s all I think God expects of me. Y’all can do what you want, but I’d like to get back to the basics.


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  1. I agree with you….and it sounds all great but it’s a hard change to make, eh? There are husbands that aren’t spiritual leaders or who are “too busy” with work to be involved in the church and there are older woman who are tired out from all the years they spent being frazzled with children AND being involved in ministry when the older women of thier day should have been doing it. It’s cyclical and hard to break.

    Again, I’m not saying you’re wrong, I know you’re right but would the important ministries suffer if we (moms with youngens) all stepped back? Yes they would at this point. Would the men step up? I don’t know. Some would, maybe. I guess I am one who just feels the pressure to keep things the way they are so the church stays the same.

    I don’t know if I worded all that the way my brain wanted me to but I’ve been thinking… :)

  2. I don’t know if this will go through (I never have made a comment anywhere before), but it is more in answer to Jenn and her concern about ministries- especially after reading her BRF on 1 Samuel – pray, believe, leave, have faith – Maybe no one would show up for those ministries, but who is in control anyway? I think the Lord would raise up those He needed – I certainly was busy outside the home as a young mom, and the Lord has been gracious, but when we are convicted that our place is at home, we need to leave the good for the best and raise our own children up to serve the Lord. The men will eventually come forward, the younger women will become older and minister, if they are following the truth, and maybe in the meantime, the older ones will fill in when they see that that there is a need not being filled by the younger. Regardless, the husband and family are the first ministry, the best, and that is where the concentration needs to be. God bless.

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