I’ve been home. I love it.

The past couple of months have just exploded with busyness, I’m not even sure why. A few things have been put to rest this week and there are a few more to go before I can just be home for good. Staying home and keeping myself from outside commitments is the road to a peaceful and enriching life. The family does not appreciate a busy mom & wife that is busy with everything but being a mom & wife.  All the things that I have been involved with and helping out in are good things, but they shouldn’t be my things. I need to be home finding time to spend with my children, school time & fun time. I need to find time to clean my house and organize closets. I need to find time to maintain our yard, chickens, cow, barn. I need time to make decent meals, dust, hang laundry on the line. I need time to bake bread and work in the garden and make grocery lists. I need the time and brain energy to have conversations with my children and in training them as they grow up.  None of this could be done while I was running the roads doing other things. Those other things aren’t my job, my family is!

So now, a year later, I am in a tight spot again. I was ‘driven to drink’ a year ago this time and have come full circle back to the busyness that I swore to avoid.  It just happens. So much is needed to be done, and Its not that I don’t want to do any of the stuff either, I love being involved very much. But it’s not supposed to be left up to busy young moms like me. I’m supposed to be at home caring for my family. The older women are supposed to be involved and setting a godly example within the church. I just have one question… Where are they!?!?!  Its the young moms who are Awana leaders, sunday school teachers, taking meals to other new young moms, VBS helpers… and the list goes on. I happen to know there are a whole whack of men and women with no children at home that could be involved. Its that way in every church. It is.

I just want to stay home and get things on track. That is what God wants me to do and that is what I am going to try to do yet again this year.

If you are a someone who no longer has children living at home I strongly urge you to do something. Why not take a Sunday school class or show up on a church cleaning day? Why not come on out to Awana as a helper? Why not take charge of a meal or two for those who are sick or have new babies? Why not?

Every single Christian woman has at least one ministry they can be involved in. I know what my main one is at this point in life, and its going to be that way for a number of years yet. I just want to start doing it properly without outside distractions.  So go out there and find your ministry and give it all you’ve got, and I will too, okay? :)


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  1. I tried to write something similar in my last post but you so totally did a better job :) I think I should quite blogging and let you write down all my thoughts :)

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  3. Wouldn’t it be nice if that was actually preached from the pulpit??
    My dream is to be able to really help young moms when I get to where I have the time… not now with babies at home!!
    Where are the older women?
    I sure could use some REAL encouragement and help…. not just the pat on the back “God bless you” at church.

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