Busy Hen.


Since there really isn’t a whole whack of time for me to be blogging because my life is insane these days, but I still want to update my precious blog very badly before another Book Review Friday is here, I shall share a picture with you. Why not! :)


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  1. It’s actually a silly story…it’s from back in the day when me and Erin had no kids and she didn’t live in Saskatchewan and we spent lots of time at eachothers houses being silly. One night we were heading back to your parents homeplace and no lights were on outside. As we were heading to the door we heard something on the lawn…Erin freaked because she assumed it was a dog, you know how Erin LOVES dogs…and I got all freaked out because she was and I screamed, “AH!, LAWN CHICKEN!” ANd then she pushed me into the bench by the door to try and get away because she is a caring friend. Seriously, I don’t know why I thought it might be a chicken in the middle of town but that’s what came out of my mouth. So, there’s a very silly story for you and your lawn chickens. It probably stems from the time I got chased by a pheasant on my own lawn in Aylesford one day. But that’s another story for another day :)

  2. Oh the good old lawn chicken story. I am so sorry to my beloved friend Jenn, for pushing her out of the way so I could get to safety from the dreaded lawn chicken. But for those who don’t know me, I go into a ‘fog’ when I’m scared and I can’t control what I do.

    In a really weird way, this picture made me homesick.

  3. Erin, that is a really weird thing to make you homesick. I’m thinking that those hens look so much home-ier and nice-er from a distance. Kinda scary up close.
    Jenn, I love the lawn chicken story. Weird though. :)

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