Pop Quiz #2


How about a little Bible knowledge quiz?

1. Which country did Ruth come from?

2.What did Naomi’s two relatives exchange before one could marry Ruth?

3. Who wanted to kill all the Jews living in the Persian Empire?

4. Where was Paul held under guard in Caesarea?

5. On which island was Paul shipwrecked on his journey to Rome?

6. Who did God send to restore Saul’s sight?

7. How long did the plague of darkness over Egypt last?

8. Which two fishermen brothers did Jesus call to be his first disciples?

9. What did Jesus take from the mouth of a fish?

10. Name the village where Ruth and Naomi settled after leaving Moab.

Just 10 quick questions to see how your Bible knowlegdge is rating. :) We’re Christians, we should know our Bibles. Remember that tomorrow is Book Review Friday and Mr.Linky will be awaiting all those links to your reviews. You still have lots of time to read Jude before tomorrow. It is very short and it doesn’t have to be an involved process to write a little tidbit up about what you read.  Long & deep or short & sweet. Read then write, that’s the name of the game.  Try it, you’ll like it.

Have I persuaded you yet? :)



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  1. I have actually read Jude every day this week…EVERY DAY. Been awhile since I did that…I plan on getting something on Mr. Limky even though I have a gabillion things to do tomorrow :)

    PS: as last quiz, I remember that I should know the answers but most of them I wasn’t sure…

  2. I’ll give it a shot:

    1. Moab
    2. An old shoe
    3. Haman
    4. IDK–the soldiers’ barracks?
    5. Malta
    6. Ananias
    7. Three days
    8. James and John
    9. A coin with which they were to pay the temple tax
    10. Bethlehem

    I did have to look up #10. I didn’t look up #4 becasue I would have needed a concordance for that. The geography of Paul’s life totally escapes me. I know he started on the road to Damascus and ended in Rome, and in between had a lot of adventures in a lot of places. :)

    I hope I got the rest right. :)

  3. OK, I have been racked (wracked?) with guilt. The one that is bugging me is Ananias. (#6)

    I KNEW the answer, but I was having trouble remembering it. I was thinking, “What was that guy’s name?? It was the same name as the guy who along with his wife lied to the Holy Spirit and was struck dead when he held back money from a real estate sale…” So as I’m thinking this, I have my Bible open to Acts (I keep Bibles on my desk; this is where I study and prepare for teaching) and I’m paging through it, and there is the story of Saul’s conversion, and there is Ananias’ name. So I typed it in. Is that cheating? If I led you to believe that I had it in the frontal lobe of my brain, I guess it was.

    #10, I honestly did not know (no idea) until I looked it up, although I did know where to look. :)

    But today I was exhausted after a baby shower, lying down with a headache on the sofa in the family room, and God said to me, “You aren’t any better than Ananias…” (the wicked one from Acts 5, not the good one in Acts 9) “…if you cheat on online Bible quizzes.”

    So I had to come back here and explain how I arrived at my answer to #6, and although I knew #5 and #7, I also checked them in the Bible to be sure they were right before I published.

    Maybe next time you can tell us whether it is an open book test or not. Then I won’t have a weird conscience issue to deal with in the aftermath. Oh, the things that keep us awake at night (or the afternoon, as the case may be).

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