Different Double Dog Dare.


I am totally double dog daring you to listen to this message! If you are a Christian it is a must. (Please let me know if the link doesn’t work. You will have to give it a minute or two to get going, so don’t be annoyed by the blank screen that comes up at first).

I’ll warn you that even though you will laugh at some of what Voddie Baucham says in The Centrality of the Home, you will be convicted. At least you should be. If you listen to this speaker you will do almost all of the following things:

* Want to have some more children.

* Re-evaluate your church and its ministries.

* Be convicted about the way you are raising your children.

* Be energized to get with God’s program that 99% of us so called ‘Christians’ are missing out on.

* Link to the message on your own blog and pass along the information you think is so awesome.

* Think this guy is insane.

If you think that last one, I’d worry about you. :)


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  1. I’ve heard this one before and it is well worth listening to again. We heard it the first time about a year or so ago and it drastically changed our priorities and plans for the future of our home. So good!

  2. I am a returning “back-slidden” reader of Watch the Sky. I haven’t been on a winter hiatus of sorts of blogging and reading blogs. But I’m back now. Getting caught up here, and I can’t get this link to work. I want to hear this really badly! Sounds like it’s right up our alley. Anyway, I’ll keep trying. Thanks for sharing.

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