School for the little guys.


I’m not the type to teach my 3 year old to read, make sure they know all their colors, say hello in Spanish, and make sure they can say 50 words by the age of 2. Seriously.

But I have come across a great, easy, & fun way to start reinforcing numbers with my little ‘almost’ 5 year old. We play UNO a bit. My they catch on really fast. They get to play a game with mom (woo-hoo!) and don’t have a clue that they are learning that that is what a 7, 5, 6, 9, is. They don’t have a clue that they are learning it because all I do is ask them, ‘Do you have a 7 like this card, or another blue card?” How easy is that!?!?!

Oh yes, its called Easy Sneezy Homeschooling for Moms Who Have Learned to Relax About Such Things. With kid number one you have millions of hours to devote to creating an Einstein. (All first borns have ‘mature central nervous systems) :) By kid number 4 you are glad if they look clean and have eaten in the past few hours. And by the time they are 4 or 5 they are grown up enough to learn all this stuff in a very short amount of time instead of day in day out repeating to them what color, what number, what letter, it is.  I’d rather wait and get it all done in a couple games of UNO, U know? :)

So next time you are thinking that homeschooling is so hard and they’d be better off in public school, remember there is this lady over at watchthesky teaching her little boy math in a period of about 15 minutes a day without the kid knowing he’s in training. He’s just having a good time with his mom. Then we pack the cards away again and he’s off to play in the great outdoors, not cooped up in a classroom with a teacher droning on and on about colors, shapes, & numbers.


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  1. what?!?!? dorey isn’t the only child with a mature central nervous system? and here i thought she was advanced :)

    we’re not to the uno stage yet. we are working on not spitting out breakfast/lunch/supper.

  2. So, since my 2.5 year old could prolly beat your almost 5 year old at UNO, does that make me a weirdo mom? ;)

    Oh, no wait, I only have one kid so far…and she must have that mature central nervous system :)

  3. That would be quite a joke to see your C and my C face each other in UNO. Yours would win, no doubt. :) Let’s just hope in another 3 years mine could beat yours in a spelling bee or at the times tables. That will be the true test. :)

  4. Jenn, I should hope we know each other better than to be offended by little jokes such as this. Such as. But then again, maybe my whole post was rude if you think your comment was rude. Those ‘first time parents’ could all be offended if they wanted to. Such as. :)

  5. Well, I wasn’t offended by your post if you weren’t offended
    by my comment. teehee :)

    You obviously weren’t talking about C, she’s an exception to the rule of course because she’s just plain smart ;)

    C and C will have to throw it down in UNO someday soon. That’d be a match for sure.

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