Arrrr!!! It’s a Birthday!


We recently had a birthday at Watchthesky. A pirate birthday. I’ll take you through our afternoon as we enjoyed the big day. I wish I had taken a picture of the invites. The birthday boy colored a small pirate picture and attached it to a bookmark style envelope. Inside the envelope we inserted a ‘pirate code’. All those coming to the party would have some time to brush up on their pirate lingo. We all learned words like, “Arrr!”, “sprog”, “lilly-livered”, “grog”, and many many more. 

From there we just worked on using pirate words and waited for everyone to arrive.

This is my favourite b-day centre piece so far, and we did it all by our onesies!

Pirates need cannon balls…

and a place to put their booty…

And pirates get mighty thirsty. No worries though, no alcohol, its just root beer with vanilla ice cream. :)

What do Pirates eat??  Well, these ones eat bowls full of barnacles, small cannon balls, and scurvey dogs.

And would you all like to see the pirates at their best? Of course you would. Here are our most bestest pirate-y faces.
 The children also played a simple little treasure hunt game. We played hot potato with a piece of gold. I wrapped a tape case up in 11 layers of gold paper (one for each child). Each time the music stopped as they passed it around the child holding the gold would unwrap one layer of paper and find a clue underneath. I had clues like, ‘ Where ye be lookin fer somethin to read’, and ‘where me beauty sister be sleepin’. When all 11 kids had unwrapped their clue they all were allowed to go find the little dollar store pirate-y thing where their clue led them. They all ended up trading their treasure for someone else’s I think. :)

Hubby also taught them a couple boat tying knots of some sort and they all got to take their 10 feet of rope home with them along with their very own pirate grog for drink later.
Hubby made new labels for some ‘Chubby’ pop we purchased. For $.69 each how easy is that!?

The kids had a good time. The birthday boy was more than pleased.

Thanks for checking out our pirate birthday!


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