Dyslexia can be cute :)


We have come a long LONG way since realizing that my daughter has dyslexia, that was almost a year ago. Up until just a few months ago she didn’t even want to try writing anything. She just couldn’t read or write, too frustrating. After just a week of doing our reading differently in school we saw drastic improvements and she enjoys things much more now. So glad!

I found a story she had written on her own one day. You’ll notice that although I’ll tell you she can read pretty good her spelling is way out there. :) Too cute.

My favourite part is the beginning word(s).

And the words all drawn around that cutie little clown.

Maybe I should give you all the interpretation?

“Once upon a time there was a clown. The clown had big feet. He always thought there was always rain so he always went with an umbrella. He always did funny shoes. He even had a toy clown.”

And then yesterday I was also proudly presented with her newest drawing of our favourite cow Twink, otherwise known as #59.

I think these are frame worthy and will be putting them up somewhere sometime.


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  1. Definintly Keepers! Absolutely precious….I can’t WAIT until Kaden can write me little stories. For sure they are frameworthy!!

  2. I sure wish I’d kept a journal of all the dyslexic moments we’ve had around here! Lots of good ones that I thought I’d never forget, lost in the black holes of my mind.

    I almost think Twingc would make a great Christmas card if you asked the artist to put a sprig of holly around the cow’s neck. :)

  3. I love her version of “once upon a time” and why wouldn’t you spell it like she did? Made sense to me, I didn’t even need the translation :)

    What she lacks in spelling she certainly makes up for in drawing…she could out-draw me any day!

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