A couple weeks ago this nice lady I know and I had a conversation about makeup. I’ve been hating my makeup since the last purchase (no one normal likes orange skin), and she was telling me where she purchases her stuff from. Well, that was a couple weeks ago. Then last night at church she just smiled and handed me this and walked away.

When I opened it I found 2 new eye liner colors to try out, and at a fraction of the price I’ve been paying for my usual stuff.

How cute is that!?! This nice lady has lots of cool ideas, and I haven’t heard of one yet that costs more than $5 total. :) Gotta love it.

Now don’t y’all want to go out and make a cute card and pass a smile along to a friend real soon?!


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  1. YES!!!! How sweet…and anything that comes in home-made packaging is even MORE wonderful!!! I am a cheap make-up buyer, as well…sorry, Mary Kay…I’ll stick to my Bonne Bell and Cover Girl!!!

  2. I’m a Mary Kay lady now ad LOVIN’ it!! My skin is better than it has been in 10 years! There is so much choice out there because skin care/makeup is such a personal thing… its our face!!
    I’d love to give you a facial/makeover just for the fun of it, cuz its supposed to be fun… even if you are a Revlon, Mabeline, Cover girl gal.

    I just wish I were as creative as your “nice lady”. How lovely!
    If we ever make it to visit…

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