To the lost lady…


Hey lady that was lost last night. No problem that you chose our door to knock on and our phone to use, I just wanted to explain a couple things to you. I don’t want you thinking ill of us.

*First of all lady, my sunporch is looking more like a mudroom these days. I’d like to say it doesn’t always look like that…. but we’ve got a lot of junk to get rid of. It’s only there until April, honest lady. (Oh, sweet spring clean up day!!) You see lady, all that stuff had to be piled there because there is no room in the barn to store it. That brings me to my next explanation lady.

*We bought a cow. She has taken ownership of all of our previously used storage space in the barn. Yes, its embarrassing that we have so much stuff, but we’re workin on it lady, honest. But that tells you why our sunporch is piled high and, you also may have noticed a slight aroma. Yep, that’s barn smell travelled in on many coats and boots. That brings me to another explanation lady.

*All those smelly coats and boots are my children’s. I have 4, and they all like to help daddy in the barn. They had just come in from doing their chores a few minutes before you arrived, hence the muddy floor and… um… aroma. You see lady, we were out a little late yesterday afternoon at a homeschool thing and it made for a late supper and chore time. And yes, that brings me to yet another explanation.

*We homeschool. So while you were phoning all your friends to save you from this messy smelly place, and looking around my living room, and seeing the pile of books and container of writing utensils, that would be our homeschool materials that we had to leave in the rush to make it to our afternoon engagement.

*Also lady, I’ve got to tell you how pleased I am that my kitchen was cleaned up. Really it was! Honest! That pail and all those big jars had just been disinfected and set to dry for milking time in the morning. If you had come a little later they would all have been put away too. You just had a bit of bad timing lady.

*And as for me lady, I was upstairs reading to the kids. That’s why I didn’t come down, we’re reading Nehemiah. We’re really into it, very cool book. Have you ever read Nehemiah lady?? You should. In fact lady, you should join up with Book Review Friday and get saved and…. and ….Well lady, that’s all the stuff I would have said to you if I had answered the door instead of hubby, or if I caught you before you ran out the door to escape our crazy home.

That’s what I would have said. Honest.


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  1. Cute entry…doesn’t it always seem people drop-by/call at the most inopportune times?!…makes life interesting, though, I suppose!! How is #59 doing, by the way? You guys are full-fledged farming family now, huh?! That’s awesome…I’m sure its lots of work – but the pay-off must be pretty great…I’m impressed you’ve made butter, and milked the cow so many times yourself! Way to go!!

  2. Hi – yeah, we’re getting pretty excited for Baby Paulino to arrive…can’t believe how time is going!! We have some things packed in the diaper bag…but, we went to Sears the other day and they were having “Baby Days”…and had a list of “essentials” you need for your newborn…and we realize we are sadly LACKING most of them…ai, yai, yai…oh, well…I’m sure it will all come together…right?!?!…

    Hope all is well in your neck of the woods today…it would be so fun to see you sometime…its been a long time, huh?!…

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