We had a homeschooling bowling adventure today. It was fun. We were all supposed to bring a snack for a social afterward. I had nothing but a coffee cake. A very good coffee cake, but what kid is excited to see that on a snack table?! I had no other ingredients to work with so I had to make the cake look inviting and this is what I came up with. A pedestal plate (cuz I have a thing for pedestal dishes), and scrapbooking paper (cuz I never have those cutie little doilies on hand).

I cut out a circle of wax paper so that the cute paper wouldn’t get soaked with grease spots and it made it look cute. At least I think so. :)


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  1. LOVE it! What a cute idea! I made heart-shaped blueberry scones for a church fellowship last night and they were sooo yummy. I’ll be adding them to the Homeplace the next time I make them so they can be posted with a pic.

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