A day of grace.


We had a storm day. That’s a good thing. It means that #59 could not be delivered until tomorrow. Although we were sorry to have to wait to have a ‘cow delivery party’, I am sure it was God’s act of sympathy for me. Yes, that blizzard we received today was sent just so I could have an extra 24 hours to prepare myself for having a cow. I bet you didn’t know it was all about me. :)

I am ready now. I spent my day cleaning, organizing, doing laundry, baking, etc…
Everyone knows that it is much easier to tend to a beast like we are getting if there are fresh cupcakes on the counter and the laundry is caught up, everyone knows.

We may not have #59 in our barn right now but hubby has milked her twice up at the neighbouring farm today. So we have had our own fresh milk today. It was great to open the fridge and see that jar with the cream rising. Love it.

Anyway, hopefully there will be a picture or two of our adventure tomorrow, which I am ready for.
I’m ready. :)


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  1. I sure wish I could have been there for the storm. I would love a good blizzard!!

    Have fun with the cow tomorrow. I’m sure it will be a rather exciting day.

    And I like that the word verification is:


  2. So TODAY is the big day…glad you are so ready for it!! :0) I’m sure it will be loved in your family…#59 must be excited for her new home!

  3. I am anxiously awaiting the cow party pics…

    Trevor has finally stopped being surprised when our family throws random parties for every single event in our lives.

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