My lot in life.


There is a problem with blogging. With the exception of the few close friends that read your blog and know you very well, you can seem to be something to your readers that you are not. I would never want anyone to think I am ignorant to my own faults, which are many. This is to remove any preconceived ideas you may have about me if you have read my blog but not visited me in my home. I’ll just list a couple areas of less than admirable qualities shown in my day to day life, because I’m not humble enough to make any more than that known. :)

My sunporch is a mess 98% of the time. I usually have a couple loads of laundry waiting to be folded on a couch somewhere. I have a VERY hard time getting out of bed before 7am. My children do help around the house but it means that we end up with dirty dishes in the cupboard after they’ve washed them. They haven’t learned to put their own clothes away yet… which means messy rooms most of the time. I’m very impatient. I only have 2 pieces of furniture that match…. and I hate them. My yard is usually a mess with toys and tools. There is always dust under our beds. My kids argue and are unkind at some point everyday. etc….

Lots of bad stuff about me, eh? :) It’s the truth and here is a picture to prove my children’s washing capabilities. What is even worse is that another one of the kids dried and put this glass away after it was washed!

Oh, and I forgot to mention one more thing. We seem to have a bad habit of losing 1 piece of every puzzle we do. We just finished this one and as you can see we are missing just one little annoying piece!

That’s the bad stuff, but we have lots of good stuff too. So don’t think too ill of me and my homelife. We are a work in progress here at Watch the sky. :)


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  1. That’s quite a list… and all the more reason for me to read your blog!
    Those “have it all together” types are too intimidating. :) Maybe we can learn from each other, hmm?

    Thanks for the honesty. I really can identify with you. :)

  2. hey I can relate, that’s for sure. My hardest thing that I have yet to conquer?…mornings. I don’t do getting out of bed too well either. And of course most of the other things you listed too. I think if everyone were honest, they’d have a similar list.

  3. Hey, Shannon…I agree, the “blog world” is a funny thing – you can present yourself any way you like, and its only the few who really KNOW you who can roll their eyes when you portray yourself to be someone you’re not. However, it is a good release sometimes, and a way for others to ‘catch a glimpse’ into your life…I do enjoy reading your blog, and though I haven’t seen you in YEARS (Oh my word – how long has it really been?!)…it is interesting to catch a tiny little glimpse into your life. It would be great to someday visit you in your home…Thanks for your honesty – if we were truly transparent in our blogs…perhaps it would be a good thing, but I, on the other hand, tend to write about things a little “less transparently”, knowing a variety of people and various depths of relationships will be ‘on-lookers’…this is a crazy day and age we live in, isn’t it? Anyways…i’m totally rambling – just wanted to say Hi – I stopped by again, and…appreciated your post, yet again…Hope all is well in your home today, laundry piling up or not…hope it is a good day…

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