Just one more. :)


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  1. i can’t see the videos on my computer so you should tell me what i’m missing so i can feel even sadder.

    i wonder if it’s ‘my mind has a mind of it’s own’.

  2. So sorry Seven, I posted the ‘Love Me’ video by Colin Ray. I looked for ‘my mind’s got a mind of it’s own’ but it wasn’t there. :( I also found ‘Dance in cirlces’ but it wasn’t as good as I remember.

  3. Here we go again. Colin Ray. Or is it Collin Raye. I know his real name was Wraye but that would be too hard for people to find since all the music stores do things alphabetically. Little bit of trivia for you.

    Look for the one that has “in this life, I was loved by you” in it. Some day I’ll come to your house and watch it.

  4. I’m loving this trip down memory lane. They don’t make songs like that anymore. Was Colin Ray (Collin Raye) the same guy that did That Was A River?

  5. I don’t know about Colin Ray and a river song, but Garth Brooks sang an AWESOME song called The River. AWESOME. Shannon, see if you can find that one.

    I will sail my vessel
    ’til the river runs dry
    Like a bird upon the wind
    these waters are my sky
    I’ll never reach my destination
    if I never try
    so I will sail my vessel
    ’til the river runs dry

    I’m gonna see if Jon will let me use his computer tonight. :)

    See what you started, Shannon?

  6. It’s spelled ‘Collin Raye’. I had to know for sure. You know me.

    Skip Ewing had a song on CMT in the late 80’s that I loved, but I can’t remember what it was. He wrote a lot of hits, but wasn’t known for his singing. Not sure why – I really like his voice. In my travels today I noticed that he made a Christmas album. I’ll be looking for that for next year!

  7. I love Garth Brooks and The River :)

    Seven, it hit me last night that when you were talking about that homesickness feeling that what I said probably wasn’t what you meant at all and then I felt like a dork because I type first then think later. I’m a nerd.

    I don’t remember Skip Ewing…but in the late 80’s I was probably still listening to Amy Grant and Twila Paris…I hadn’t “rebelled” to counrty yet :)

  8. I so enjoyed that song. It reminded me of one that was sung at my father’s funeral called The Far Side Bank Of Jordan. He’ll be waiting for us until we get there too.

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