Found the song!

Seven found the video and I figured I’d share it with you. And it just goes to show how much I know of celebritiys. I thought it was Billy Ray Cyrus that sang this one, it’s actually Billy Dean and it tears my heart apart. I think the ending is different from the video I watched way back when. Doesn’t he meet back up with her years later and she’s married with a child and asking for his autograph??? What a sad song!

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  1. Good grief. You really should run these things by me first. The one with the old girlfriend at the end is “We Just Disagree” and I like that one, too.

    While we’re discussing old country songs, I’ll mention that another favourite is Unanswered Prayer by Garth Brooks. I heard it yesterday for the first time in years. The theology is off, but the point of the song still makes me smile real big.

  2. Um so I love that you guys had CMT days too! Seriously, me and my sister lived off CMT in the 9’s :) And thank you both for this little trip down memory lane. I was fighting tears the whole time that I was singing each and every word.

    But on to real tear jerkers…so who remembers “Don’t Take the Girl”? Tim Mcgraw I think. Now that will make you cry! And Travis Tritt had a couple of heart breakers too. Now what were they called? Hmmmmm…. you know, the one where he is in a wheelchair from a war injury and doesn’t want to go home because he is scared she’ll reject him? My sister would be upset that i can’t remember the name of that one :)

  3. I’m never going to get anything done today.

    I was quite the Travis Tritt fan. Never cared much for Tim McGraw. The wheelchair song was Anymore. What about Help Me Hold On and Drift Off to Dream?

    I don’t listen to any secular music these days, and the old songs I mention have their faults, but aren’t they tame compared to what’s on the radio now?

    These songs are making me very homesick for something that I can’t quite put my finger on. I can be very nostalgic sometimes. Perfect mood for a stormy day. If only my boys could understand the value of spending a whole day curled up in a blanket being nostalgic. :)

  4. I put my finger on it. These songs make me homesick for the time when they made me homesick for what I didn’t have yet. Now that I have it, isn’t it funny that they’d made me homesick for when I didn’t?

    If you have any clue what I just said I’m sure you understand me perfectly.

  5. Seven…….Oh do I understand that strange homesickness feeling! Before I was saved I would listen to those old songs and want to go back to when things were “good”. I still get warm fuzzies from those old songs but not in the same way :) But I totally get what you’re saying!

    Anyway, yes, i just spent the last however long looking for (and finding) those Travis Tritt songs. Tell me I was Dreaming was the follow up to Anymore.

    You’re right, nothing in new country is as tame as those were. Radio today is scary. I don’t even turn it on anymore becuase I know there won’t be anything quality.

    I’m not gonna get anything done today either :)

    Have you watched the Tim Mcgraw Don’t take the Girl video? I just watched it and since the girls were sitting right here coloring, I had CHOKE back my sobs :)

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