Happy thought indeed


I’m not big on celebrities. Couldn’t care less actually. So when I checked out CNN online the other day and read the latest on Hanna Montana and how she used a double (how dare she) during a concert it didn’t affect my mood in the least. Now, if she could have run to the store this morning to grab a new pair of nylons for me to wear to church instead of the ones I have with 4 runs in them, she would have become a fast friend. But she didn’t. And so life goes on around here without good ol Hanna Montana.

I’m working through getting my head wrapped around our school subjects for this coming fall. As the kids grow it’s not as straight forward with the subjects as it was when they just needed to learn to read, add & subtract. I want to be prepared and know they are getting what they need. Off I went to my older sisters to look through her stuff and get her take on it. I went into her home stressed about schooling and came away relieved and with a list in hand.

Also a month or so ago I was commenting to the same sister about how hard it is to keep the house organized and clean. I was tired. She told me in a straight forward manner that the kids could be doing much of what I tried to take care of. Kids fold their own laundry!?!?! Happy thought indeed! So I’ve been checking myself much more to see if I can hand over a job to a youngster and get something else done myself. We are still in the works with this new idea but the finished product is promising to be quite refreshing. My children always washed & dried dishes, filled the wood box, took care of the chickens, made their beds… but there is a whole lot of day and job left when they are finished those little tasks.

So, now I know who Hannah Montana is (which apparently I should have known a long time ago,) but she wasn’t the one to tell me about Zoology 1 & to check out the Timberdoodle site. But hey, maybe all hope is not lost in the Hollywood realm. Maybe I should check out some celebrity sites and see if anyone has tips on how to train a 4 year old to sneeze without holding their mouths shut tight when they have a cold. Maybe, just maybe they will have some advice that a decent stay-at-home mom could use.


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